Golmaal Returns

Went to watch the movie to Ashirvaad theater near my office, hoping for some real comedy as in 2006 movie Golmaal and wishing for laughs till my stomach hurt. But this movie is too cheap...(Thank GOD, Didn't go to Adlabs).
The Comedy dialogues make you wonder is it impossible to do a comedy movie without all those double meanings dialogues. Everything is good until it's done in it's limits.
Story: I wonder from where these writers get the story writing idea...!! They do it right till a point then they just go out of their mind write some crazy stuff at the end... Story line was OK but the ending is just blowing my brain OUT.
Cast: Ajay Devgan has Doen his part to the best, Arshad Warsi has done his part nicely but he is underutilized in the movie,Tusshar Kapoor is good when he doesn't speak only, his role is over utilized in the movie. Shreyas Talpade has done a g reat job and the role suits perfecly for him. The actress are pathetic in the Movie, Kareena Looks as if she is still learning acting, Who the hell will take her for a comedy movie, The Director and producer must be out of their mind. Amritha Arora is OK, Then only girls you can bear in movie are Anjana Sukhani and Celina Jaitley, Small roles Simple acting and fine.
So if you have extra time to waste and Can bear all that Non sense comedy then Surely Golmaal Returns is a movie for you.


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