Dec 31, 2008

End Of 2008

Yes the year 2008 is Over.... I feel like It just zap passed for me. Busy at job the Year was a good fun Experience overall.... This year will be treasured as a memorable year for my life.. Have seen many ups and down in this year.

I will ever love this year because i purchased something for me this year... Yes My Bike... I Love it... At the End of year when i calculated the average that the Bike has done 62 Km's per day... :P More at my Bikes Blog.

So Remembering the ood memories and forgetting the Bad ones I am ready to face NEW YEAR Yes... I am Ready to Welcome 2009.... Are You ready to welcome 2009.... :)

Njoy the New Year party..... :)

Dec 22, 2008

New blog torrent tricks

So after a few posts i realized that i am exploring a bit more about the world of Bit Torrent or P2P networking. So why not put all the posts which i write about it into another blog....?? So i just went out and created a Blog for all the Torrent tricks i find out.
So i will be posting all the stuff regarding to the torrents at This new blog HERE.

You can just Bookmark the URL as i am planning to put a lot about the torrents in the Blog. Starting from tricks to Trackers. Reviews and much more stuff from the Torrent world. :)

So enjoy P2P at this New Blog.

Dec 20, 2008

iPOD Trouble

A friend gave me a iPOD 30GB telling it was constantly restarting. When i got the iPOD the battery was very low. So i hoped that the iPOD will be fine after a charge. But when i connected it to PC for charge. The iPOD displays Very low battery please wait then goes to boot screen, then restarts due to lack of battery.
Problem is At very low battery screen it charges a bit then it thinks it can boot so it tries to boot, While booting it can't charge itself, so battery very low and it switches off. So this software bug in Apple iPOD looked just to kill the iPOD.
So what to do...?? Google is your friend... Searched, and found some solutions at Apple forums. The one worked for me is putting the iPOD to disc mode where it can charge... But the problem was the very low battery won't even let it to enter disc mode... So the solution, Connect the charger wait till iPOD tries to reboot, when you see apple logo press select and menu buttons together, iPOD restarts. Did this a few times so that battery can get some power inside it. So after almost 5-8 times repeating the above step i felt confident and disconnected the iPOD from cable, restarted it by Menu+Select then Immediately Menu+Play..... Yes it entered disc mode... Connected the cable and let it for a charge.
Backed up the data using this then a Restore using iTunes and YES the iPOD is back to life... :)
Success... :)

Dec 18, 2008

PC Not Coming Out of Sleep

Ya It all happened yesterday. Just put my PC to sleep so as i save some power as i had my dinner. After having my dinner i come back and press the power button The PC is not coming to life. The fans run for a few seconds then stops. No beeps nothing. :S tried a Few times Same result. Pulled the power off a Reboot and the same fan running for 3-5 sec and it turns off. Is it RAM causing the trouble...?? No idea.. So removed the RAM. Started PC but same Fan runs for a mere 3-5 sec and OFF. Then removed the CMOS Battery set the jumper to clear CTC RAM. Still the same problem. Next doubts on load handling of SMPS. So checked is it working by shorting Green and Black... The SMPS just works fine... Removed all the cables just Power to Motherboard and the same is happening. Thought SMPS is gone. got a friends SMPS and checked... Result is the same. It powers up Fans run for 3-5 sec. No beeps and it just turns off. Now just prayed to god that Let the processor die cos it hast 3 year warranty and Not the Motherboard. :)

Then Just removed the heat sink from processor removed the processor from socket and fed the board with power. Damn, It works. The SMPS is running. Now Installed the processor and Heat sink. Give power again... I hear No RAM Beeps... Installed the RAM and i hear some more beeps... :) Beeps means you can get somewhere... :) Now connect back the HDD, DVD Writer, Monitor back and Give it a Boot... :) YES IT IS WORKING FINE NOW... What happened to my machine i have No idea...

Processor: AMD Athlon X2 3600+ (1.9 GHz Brisbane)
MB: Asus M2N-MX
RAM: 2 GB Trancend 667 MHz
HDD: 160 GB SATA and 40 GB IDE
LG Dvd Writer and FDD :P
SMPS: iBall

Just a thought, I think my PC tool a Nice Nap for a day after almost 1.5 years of Hardwork... :) Now it's back and Will take time for next nap.. And that will be it's final NAP... :P

Dec 13, 2008

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi... :)

Ya, The movie got released yesterday and here i am at Big cinemas To watch it.
Shahrukh Khan as Surinder Sahni Aka Soori
Anushka Sharma as Taani
Vinay Pathak as Bobby aka Balwinder Khosla

A Yash Raj Film, A kind of OK story where too many things happen due to luck.
Sharuk has done justice to his role also the newcomer Anushka Sharma has done a great job. Story as i told earlier OK. Not Much... But what i liked about the movie is the flow of the movie. The Flow never lets you feel bored. Complete 167 Min of Paisa Vasool.... :) Best part... Don't leave the theater when the movie ends. The End Pictures are nice and Funny...
There is No Action in the movie. It's Just a lot of emotion and some seriously good Comedy in small parts which i liked very much.
So Overall a Good Movie... Rating 4/5.

Enjoy... :)

Dec 9, 2008

Computer Format Day

After all that software installations and un-installations my comp was giving a lot of trouble. The sound driver will be corrupt every time you launch the browser ans watch video no matter how many times you uninstall and install the driver. Boot up times of more than 2 min. Overall my system was a Mess.....
The biggest problem i faced was HDD space, There were 6 partitions initially on my 160 GB HDD Now there are just 3. Now One partition is a 94GB huge partition for All the downloads.
My old and faithful 40GB HDD has one 25 GB partition now and on remaining 12.xxGB i have installed Linux.
*According to manufactureres 1KB=1000B So your 40GB will come down to 37.xx.
Making all the data backup was a big pain.
After backing up all the data installed Windows XP SP3. After completing the installation, I pop-in the Driver CD which came with my Motherboard which is somehow corrupted and rejected to work. Get the drivers from Internet.... But how...?? LAN is not installed. WTF..
Tried everything Failed.. Only option now is boot from Linux download drivers and Boot back to Windows..
Linux..?? I just uninstalled Linux as to make some space as while having Data Backup... :(
Just No time to relax, pop in the openSUSE DVD and install. Shocking Thing is that the Installation screen for openSUSE is better than MAC OS X. Cool progress.... :)
Downloaded the drivers for Windows XP as LAN works Out of The Box in Linux. But there is a little problem You can't write to NTFS partitions from Linux. Had to burn drivers to DVD RW. Then Boot windows and Install. :)
Now the system is just fine. Everything is working as expected.
Will post soon about Usablity of openSUSE Linux. Till then Happy computing....