Ghajini Movie

I am not a big Aamir Khan Fan, But i like the movies by him.
I just got Disappointed with Ghajini. First it was a Remake, The Story was a little out of today's time line. Over all a Paisa Vasool movie rather than a great Entertainer.
Positive Points: Good Acting, direction.
Negatives: As Mentioned earlier, Just too raw movie, Story time line a bit odd and Old.
Some Points to mention:
Aamir looks great in the Movie, Asin looks Gorgeous.

That is all for this movie. All action makes you get bored inside theater. Sometimes you just laugh at the sequences. I hope the Standard of Hindi Films doesn't become like the Tamil Ones. This Ghajini being the starter for Hi-Fi super human kind of movies. Then Aamir's Jokes will Come out just like Rajnikanth's jokes are Running these days... :P


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