Billu Barber ..

After a break watched movie -- Billu Barber... :) Over all a 50% paisa vasool movie... I still hate the first half of movie where the story never makes sense... The half after interval is just better than the half before..
What is special about movie..??
Irfan Khan... He is just amazing.... His part of acting is worth every penny you paid to watch the movie...
Sharuk has done his job as he usually does it... Nicely...
After watching Billu Barber i can say Lara Datta knows a little acting .... :)
Story is just fantasy, so never expect something of real world, but the presentation is good. Comedy is all dialogue based, which i liked a lot.
Overall The first part of Billu Barber is Billu Bore-Bore, Later it gets a little interesting...


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