Robo Cup 2008 Memories

As of last year we are having the cricket match this year in Company, So i just remember how fun last years cricket was..
Last year with much interest formed a team "Socket Errors" with a bunch of people who can play... With hope of winning at least one match we went to the ground... Lost the toss and were been put to field.... The opposite Team Scored 56 runs in 6 Overs...
Then our turn.... Our Captain Kiran alone scored around 40+ runs by end of over 4. Remaining 10 members just went to pitch marked attendance and came back... and Lost badly by 6 Runs.... :P

So This year There is ROBO CUP 2009, The team name changed from "Socket Errors" to "Socket Errors - RELOADED". The batting order has been put on steroids this time with some memeber steals from last years winning team and some other strong teams... :D The Bowling department is also looking good with some real good furious bowlers.... So, Lets see what happens... :) You can catch the action on MGM Grounds,Udupi this Saturday(28th Feb)...
Catch you there..... :P


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