Socket Errors Reloaded in finals....

Yes, Finally we made it to finals of the Robo Cup (Company's yearly cricket event) this year..... :)
1st match Quarter finals, we Made 59 Runs in 6 overs, defended the total and we were in semi's
2nd Semi finals again we made 59 runs in 6 overs, defended the score and we reached finals.... :)
Then in finals was a 8 over match we were at 26 runs at the end of 5th over, Then there was some awesome batting from Prashanth which included 5 sixes in 1 over the score moved up to 86 at the end of 8th over.... Quite dependable target.... :)
Then the Errors started.... We lost 2 bowlers due to injury, we ran short with fielders, then we dropped some catches, then the biggest mistake.. I bowled an over which gave out runs.... Utterly the final went all down without any excitement and with injuries.... So "Socket Errors - Reloaded"- Runners up of Robo Cup... :(
Just Regretting about 3 Catches we Dropped, 2 Full toss balls that i bowled, Our Captain Shaanib's Over going for some runs... Down factors..... :(
Hoping that next year(?) We will Come back with "Socket Errors - Revolutions" and win it..... :)


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