13B -- Movie

Watched the Movie 13B...
Watchable once.... First half is a little boring, The story just keeps you confused... But story really gets some real material later on... Every confusion gets solved and finally the end again Puzzling... :)
BTW, It was supposed to be a horror movie and it is for some extent, Some real goose bumps in the movie... :) Video+Sound mixing has done the job for the movie. Sound it not so Loud, Video is not so harsh, but the combination of both results in a movie of complete different standard...
(So i can say, Technically this movie is too good... They have used Human Engineering.... :D)
Performance of characters is fine, everything appears to be good enough... Madhavan has done justice for his role... It's a kind of Family horror movie.... :P
Overall Paisa Vasool..... :)


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