Delhi-6 Movie...

Yes watched Delhi-6 Yesterday....
Nice Songs... But the movie is boring.... The story has a punch line about what exactly happens in the real world, and how communal fights are started without any reason. But Kaala Bandar theme used in the movie is just boring. It just makes Audience to get irritated than watch the movie.
Ending is too unrealistic for a movie which has such a solid topic.
I liked music as there was a tinge of Hip Hop beats... :)
As for acting is considered, Everyone has done their part very well..
So Delhi-6 is a boring entertainer as far as i am considered.... For Someone who has seen the movie and has their opinions the Comment Box is open. :)


Ebrahim Kabir said…
An okay film, not as great as expected.
Lozil said…
Surely, It's OK Movie... Nothing much to expect... Only thing is that The songs are really good and the Acting is good... Story just got screwed up everywhere.

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