EK Movie

Went to watch Movie "EK" Yesterday....
Rating in reviews is just 1 for the movie,But sometimes you watch movies time pass.
About story: Some Copied story from some Movie which i don't remember.. :P
About Cast: Looks of Bobby Deol in EK should have made him look like some kind of tough guy,but he looks funny in those looks, and whenever he tried to act as tough guy in movie, i could not stop Laughing.
Nana Patekar has actually done a fantastic role in the movie, You can simply enjoy the entire movie with his acting.
Screenplay: The Movie is never boring but also is never interesting.... You seem to know what will happen next, so it never gets interesting... The reason for movie not boring enough to make you run out of theater is the dialogues. They are nicely written with some punch lines.
Overall a OK, Movie, Watchable once.... :)


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