"Socket Errors - Reloaded " in Finals of Volleyball

Yes...... Company Volleyball matches are on and we just reached the Finals...... :)

After losing badly in first round of Volleyball last year, the Socket Errors - Reloaded team is in finals.....
Again the team was formed just like cricket team, breaking one of last years best team and making a team..... :)

There were just 4 teams in tournament. So Every team plays against each other, and finally the top two teams will go to the finals. So we are the 2nd team in the List with wining 2 and losing 1.

The opposition in finals is the team we lost against in preliminaries. So I guess everyone will try their best to take the revenge.... :P

Wow, That is One Event in my company after Months....... :)

@Company = Robosoft Technologies


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