Kambaqt Ishq Movie is Kambaqt Torture

With mood for fun went to watch the movie Kambaqt Ishq.... First Half of the movie is completely based on Bikini shots and so called Comedy and Second half is based on emotion.
The movie is supposed to be a comedy movie.... But fails miserably in making it's mark as comedy movie.
Lets speak about cast and acting as there is NO STORY in Movie:
Akshay Kumar Looks good with a role of stunt man which suits him nicely(Atleast Something good).
Kareena Kapoor is just bad as she can be, with her smile peeping at wrong places,Showing her so Called Figure.... :P
Aaftab is Just OK, nothing much for him(I am confused about him being present in the movie).
Amrita Arora just looks good when she wears minimal cloths, Nothing that good in acting department.
I never made out what Javed Jafree was doing in the movie.
Hollywood Actors and Actress appearance was something which i just could not swallow, That too Sylvester Stallone on a Road fighting people.. OMG... Insane.. I imagine how the producer managed to get all people in movie(recession at Hollywood too??).
Songs: Don't ask me, I was just tortured enough..

So No more discussions about this movie, Just a conclusion.
If you Like Babes in Bikinis and some crazy X rated Stuff then watch the first part of movie. If you want to watch a typical Hindi movie then watch the second part.
Warning: Don't watch Both Together... :P

Rating is: 1/5 (That is after me being a lot generous)

*This Movie has Occupied the worst movie I ever saw Top Spot.


Melwyn Pernal said…
Truly I know, Lozi write the reviews very well. Don't know, when you manage to c all these movies..? make a habit of watching movies with friends (Preferably female)...! Hope then you will like all the movies.. :-)
Even me too watched this movie.. Its movie like Akshay and babes... :-P
Lozil said…
@Melwyn, Ya bro there were Female Friends besides me. Watched the movie in Ashirvad Theatre, You see It's so close by to my office....... :)
Melwyn Pernal said…
Now, I feel that theater is boring and also you were sitting in a wrong place.... :-)
Lozil said…
Now i feel that you should get married ASAP..... :)
Melwyn Pernal said…
Hmmmm... you can feel better..
I may marry soon, but what abt u?
resh4ever said…
Jus watched the movie today.... yup watever u said holds good for every aspect n respect.... the most or 'worst' blunder ive watched ever.... specially the movie has crossed its limits in the 'abusive' language used.. and some stupid kind of scenes which seem to be so unnecessary and uninvited atleast in Bollywood!! a big Zero from my side...!
Melwyn Pernal said…
@Rech... If u would have read Lozi's blog b4 watching the movie, you would have definitely saved your valuable time... :-)
Future Tips: Please read Lozi's blog before you watch any new movie... :-) LOL
Lozil said…
So true Rash, Most Stupid movie Ever..... :@

@Melwyn: Concentrate On Studies..... :D
prash said…
kambakth insaan kambakth ishq movie dekhne jayega tho aur kya ho saktha hai...
Melwyn Pernal said…
Great dialogue prash... yeh dialogue tho movie me hona chahiye tha...!!

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