Luck - Movie

Yes, It was Movie time again so went to the Movie Luck....
This Movie has NO STORY...... :) Has just got Luck everywhere...
You just need to keep your brain outside the theater to watch this Movie.. Movie will entertain you at places, It will make you Laugh at Climax Scenes... Surely you can watch it Once.... ;) I can just say that the movie is not that bad, you don't feel like Running out of theater.
Acting is Fine, Imran Khan and Sanjay Dutt look good in their roles.. Mithun Has Done some good job(Ya here is his dialogue in movie "Koi Shak?")
So overall a OK movie..

2.5/5 If you Don't believe in Luck..
3.5/5 If you believe in Luck... Koi Shak???? :D


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