Google Wave.....!!! First Impressions...

After a long wait I was invited to a new world of Waving by Google.

Day 1: I was so confused about the Google Wave, I didn't spent much time with it.

Day 2: I was wondering why did I Login For Google Wave I can't understand anything. :( Then i gave out wave invitations to my friends.

Day 3: Everyone said they didn't get the invites yet. I said wait invitees take time. Well I was very bored with Wave.

Day 4: One friend whom I sent invite was on Wave, Now something was getting inside my mind about Google wave. He got back to me with a simple Wave.

Day 5: Yeah, I got a Little better with Waving after i watched those Videos embedded in my wave home page.

Day 6: I can See Some more familiar faces now. Added tweety app to the Wave. Now tweets should be possible by Waves.(Didn't check yet, Will go home and check)

A few more invitees left.. Interested can Contact me... :)


Fred said…
Hey I surely am. Can you send me one tks
deBeer said…
I would be so excite to get a invite to Wave. Thanks
Lozil said…
:( Sadly all Invites i had are over....
hanum said…
I've got the invitation of Google Wave on November 25. Yay.. finally :D

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