Mafia Wars Anyone......??

Well, All my friends out there in Facebook must be cursing me because they get so many Mafia Wars updates from me. But Frankly speaking those are just a 5% of all updates I could possibly publish on the Wall.
Well, This game in the Facebook is addictive, You are a gangster and you have to build your mafia(Friends) You have to do some Jobs, Some Fights, Some wars to Progress in your quest of becoming the ultimate Gangster.
Well, By playing this game you just don't achieve anything, But it's fun to play. May it be the Stamina or Energy packs may be the Godfather Point, Some Freaky weapons and what not. Really this game is designed well is what I can say... You never lose interest in completing the game and the developers never let you complete the game by adding more and more levels and achievements.
So if You haven't tried this game or Want something to kill your Time sometime Then this is a Game for you.
(If you hate Mafia Wars Then Just hide the Updates OK..??)

Lets Join the Mafia.... :)


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