End of the world in 2012 ??

Will the world end on 21st December 2012...?? This is the question everyone is asking these days. Will be the date 21st December 2012 end of world??

Lets see some of the prophecies which support the End of the world in 2012 theories.

1. The Mayan Calender
The ancient Maya had a very accurate sense for Time, Their calendar was more accurate than our present calendar and were called the best astronomers for their time. They studied the movement of Stars, Planets and Sun to highest accuracy and developed their calendar.
The Calendar of MAYA Completes it's 13th cycle on the 21st December 2012. And people are calling it Dooms Day...
Actually we should Celebrate the Mayan New year on that day. Not the Dooms Day.

So because Mayan Calendar end World Will End??

leave your comments... :)

More prophecies in next posts....


rohit said…
I think the world should end!!! its long overdue!!!
Jovit said…
y does it have to end????
Lozil said…
It's overdue I agree.... But How is the question... :)
Anonymous said…
i dont believe its ending at all,just what we know of it ends according to my research on this,nostradamus also predicts this by 2012 on dec 21,thats just 2 years from now,things,everything will change so dramaticly that the world as we know it ends but the world doesnt end,...nostradamus has predictions past 2025 at which time there will be one government for the whole planet,no one wants this but it will happen,the senario is another world war breaks out in middle east,global war what we all fear most,jesus is supposed to return to he earth and stop that war,a quote from what ive read goes,and jesus walked among the waring nations of the world and they all put thier weapons down because he said so,...god and jesus are supposed to return to the earth for its time for judgement day and all the dead shall walk the earth with the living as if they were never dead...so its not over,just as we know it,and incase your wondering im not religeous at all,just what ive found on the net.

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