Facebook is going the Twitter WAY??

Well, I still like the way OLD Facebook was. The new Facebook looks a bit odd. The feed showing updates from friends was much clear earlier. So it was easy to look into all of my friends latest events/quizes/Posts.
Now a days Facebook team looks as if they are inspired by the Twitter and are trying to make Facebook that way. Wherever you compare Facebook is trying to become a Micro-blogging site... Becoming Twitter??
Well, I Jumped from Orkut to Facebook because it was neat, clean and also was fun to be reading all the updates made by friends. Now i kind of feel confused/conjested being on Facebook after the new update. It's not that much fun with Facebook now as much it was earlier.
Well, with the news of Orkut getting a new look it might be time to look back at the Orkut again. If Facebook continues to copy innovation from Twitter then may be time to move to Other social networking sites...
Social networks are Fun aren't they.....??


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