Galactic Alignment = End of World??

So now lets look into another prophecy/event which is set to occur on the same Date as Maya calendar ends, Yes the date again is 21 Dec 2012....!!!

2. Galactic Alignment.
On 21 Dec 2012 the Sun, Earth and the center of the galaxy are aligned in one straight line. This is a phenomenon which occurs every 26000 years. So what this alignment can do??
According to me, it should be a normal cosmological event. As far as every scientist out there knows, there is no invisible energy coming from the center of the galaxy (or the black hole at center of galaxy) which we need for our survival. So the alignment should not lead to the end of world, isn't that simple. And for those who are still scared about it, The galactic Alignment has already started in year 1998 and will be at the center stage on 21 Dec 2012, so if we have survived till today then we should be able to make through the 21 Dec 2012.

But there are still doubts about the same. How does the Maya calender end date and the date of Alignment of the Sun, Earth and the black hole at the center of out galaxy match so precisely?? Well Maya may had studied the starts really carefully, so they know when the galactic Alignment occurs.
Awaiting your Comments... :)

*Read the post about the Maya Calendar.


baterya said…
i think we should wait and found out...LOL.. but seriously.. are there findings that the end of the mayans occur at this galactic alignment
Aditya said…
That day
Aaj tak channal par do programs honge...
- one would be scientific analysis
- other would be about its astrological consequences from some babas.
Pura din aur kuch nahi.

And mayans?
they couldn't even predict their own extinction in 1500's. Spanish ne dauda dauda kar mara. Could they predict our end?

My questions:
Will it be a government holiday?
Will google again change its homepage image to relate with the event?

Anyways, excellent blog, brother.

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