May 25, 2009

IPL is Over, Deccan Chargers are new Champs

After Many months, i felt like watching cricket today, and i started watching The final of IPL season 2.

Deccan Chargers vs Royal Challengers.

My favorite was Bangalore team, The Royal Challengers..... Royal Challengers bowled well, and restricted the opponent to a total which they can get.
But the batting failure of Royal Challengers haunted them in the finals and they just lost badly.

And the History repeats, Whenever I get interested in Cricket and watch a Match, My favorite Team loses, and so is my interest on cricket. I just end up spoiling my mood again trying to be a cricket fan.
Yes, The Final Match of IPL, Deccan Chargers vs Royal Challengers is Over, and Deccan Chargers have come up as Champions of IPL season 2.


May 23, 2009

Linux is Fun....

First, Thanks to the Linux Community for a warm welcome to Linux. Ya, My Mission Linux Post just got some awesome response from the Linux Users and Gurus.... :)

Ya, Mission Linux looks like it is a Success.... I did not receive any complaints after one Week of usage at Home, That is just a good sign for me and I am Happy.(Psst... No virus tension... :) )

Now why on earth Linux is FUN when everyone says it's so Complicated....??

Linux is Fun because Linux is complicated..... :) Everything is a challenge in Linux, challenges make you learn many things.
So what is the first challenge i faced in Linux??
Installing applications...........

Some applications come with the suitable bundle for my Linux(Opera for Example), it's just easy to install. But some require some console work, that is just a little fun for me. Searching the web for resources, failing multiple times and finally getting success is just too sweet. I like challenges as they help me learn quickly, that just makes me more interested with Linux. So i am just looking forward for many more Challenges and leaning experience from Linux...

Yes this Blog post comes from Linux-Mozilla Firefox... Now a days i am loving Penguin computing.... :)

May 20, 2009

I want to..............

I want to say a few things, but i just can't say them.
I want to bash someone, But i can't just do it.
I want to make everything go fine, but it is just too hard for me.
I want to achieve something, but time always keeps running out.
I want to make everyone understand what true potential is, But no one is interested.
I want to live life Independently, but i am missing the key.
I want to go out and scream loudly, but in crowd no one cares me.
I want to see people happy, but somehow they find a reason to be unhappy.
I want to make a point in this world, but the pen is just not sharp enough.

Yes i want many things..... But life just seems to take me on it's own path. I feel i am lost. Need to find a path and move ahead......

I know this post does not make any sense to ya.... But it makes a lot of sense for me.....

May 17, 2009

Mission Linux...........

Yes, It was my dream to ditch Windows and get Linux on my Home machine, After many years the dream has come true. I have OpenSUSE running on my system Now..... :)

Once upon a time when i used to play games, that time the Windows was necessary for me. But some recent developments just made me to shift my home computer to Linux.
What made me to install Linux on Home system........??
My home computer is not used for any gaming now, Nor any serious work. It's used just to browse Internet,Some document editing and Watch some Media. So essentially these tasks should be handled by Linux in a breeze.

Last week my Home machine's Windows got Corrupted resulting in a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). One of Important file remained in the Windows Partition. So there was no other option than recovering that file before installing Windows. So i though of installing Linux in the empty Disc space. After Installation of Linux I got back my file, then suddenly I felt like why not Keep Linux on this system? I just looked into Linux deeply for the first time, And seriously i felt good. It looked easy to operate, there were enough options for the basic Home user tasks. Open Office for Office Suit, Firefox for Web browsing, KTorrent for Torrent downloading. The only thing Missing was Media Player with support with all Codec's. So i just tried on the web, Got VLC player. Installation was a bit geeky but easy with YAST(Thats the Installation manager for OpenSUSE). So i have a Linux system which does my basic tasks easily. Now i just need to Learn more about Linux so i can make better use of it.

OpenSUSE Now Running with KDE 3.5 in my system. Didn't install KDE 4.0 as it looked a bit too much of stuff for me.... :)

So the Mission Linux is ON..... Now have to get feedback from Users (Dad and Sister)..... The future of Linux on My machine depends on these users.

May 13, 2009

ZooZoo Stars.....

Just Got Some More Information About ZooZoo.... Posting the Images Here.... Click on them for a larger Image...

May 4, 2009

Vodafone Advertisement -- Zoozoos

I thought the Vodafone Advertisements displayed during the IPL were Animations....

But They are NOT.... !!!

I always liked the Advertisements from Hutch, May be its a Boy and Girl or may be the Cute Boy and Dog. Now the Vodafone is continuing the Trend with Zoozoos.

The Zoozoo advertisements do not have any of the Film Stars/Cricket Stars as brand ambassadors, but some simple characters, which deliver the message to the point and are successfully making an Impression in the viewers minds.

Just go through this story to know more about the Making of Zoozoo advertisements.

Why they look like animations is because of the 20 fps (Frames per second) shooting mode used in capturing them. The advertisement agency is really creative.... I was Just amazed and Stunned by knowing that they are not animations but are Humans stuffed with huge head mask, some amazingly fitting cloths and the backgrounds are just too nicely done which successfully hide everything leaving a nice effect to the entire advertisement.

* Just Found the Facebook Zoozoo Fan Page.