ISRO Bhuvan a Big Flop....??

How many of you remember Bhuvan, I think many of them heard about the name long time ago. So if your gray matter is good enough then you will remember that this is a product ISRO released to beat the Google Earth, Promising many of the advantages over the Google maps as listed below. If you haven't tried it yet then do try it

Google Earth vs ISRO Bhuvan:
  • Google Earth’s Zoom: levels up to 200 meters
  • ISRO’s Bhuvan Zoom: levels up to 10 meters
  • Google Earth: Single layer information
  • ISRO’s Bhuvan: Multilayer information
  • Google Earth: Images upgraded every 4 years
  • ISRO’s Bhuvan: Images upgraded every year
  • Google Earth: No alternate viewing options
  • ISRO’s Bhuvan: Options of viewing on different dates
  • Google Earth: Uses international satellites
  • ISRO’s Bhuvan: Uses Indian satellites

So if you ever tried the ISRO Bhuvan, you will come to know how bad the software actually is. It's not at all ready, Even now...!! Even after 1 year of the launch. The resolutions promised are not there at all. The clarity of the images is Miserable and quality of the software is a total failure. The compatibility issues are still present, You have to download a installer to run the application, runs only on Windows and so and so. If i keep typing the list then it will go on and on.

ISRO can produce such good rockets, But what happened to ISRO when they had to deliver something to the outer world? To show how high end they are? A substandard product to show the world how cheap we can get....!!???

I feel sorry for the ISRO's Bhuvan, which was supposed to be a high quality product has been made as a Substandard product. Shame on the people who developed the Bhuvan. I am Disappointed by the ISRO's Quality.

How you feel about this disappointment..?? Comment section is Open...!!


Rajiv said…
Hey ... i read your full post now .. and i beg to differ .. Google and ISRO are two different organization with different goals ..and there is no comparison .. a few differences :

Google is doing it for money .. unlike ISRO.

Google has the money and a dedicated set of genius engineers who are highly paid to do the job.

Google's goal is to be the market leader in internet related services. ISRO is a primarily a rocket making company as u mentioned :)

Ever checked out Nasa's World wind(similar to GEarth and Bhuvan) .. I have tried it back in 2003 and once last year .. it sucked back then and it still sucks .. Bhuvan is a way ahead and ISROs efforts are to be appreciated truly.

I hope you try Nasa's World wind and compare it with Bhuvan .. now thats comparison worthy :))

Peace :))
Lozil said…
Thanks for Commenting Rajiv, I feel ISRO has done really well compared to other competitors, But the problem is the Software Developers who are developing for the ISRO Bhuvan have not been doing a good enough job. Else when you have such a advanced technology from ISRO, the software quality which the Bhuvan presently is in cannot be justified.

As for the Nasa's world wind and Bhuvan Comparison, I think Bhuvan wins without any doubts.

Now if you go to ISRO website and NASA's website then NASA wins without any competition. We really need some Good web developers to get the ISRO site up to the standards. BTW ISRO's website is far better than it was one year back(it was totally HTML based earlier).

My views are not against the job ISRO has done, The views are based on the Software which is still lacking refinement.

I am a big admirer of ISRO, Its programs and efforts, Cant see them losing... :)

Now that is a Long comment.... :)
Krish said…
I would like to remind that the software out there is still a BETA version......... I supposed they released the product a litte too soon..... i agree about the image quality and resolution..... its not good at most places...... but since we have the technology, its only a matter of time when it gets updated. As for the software, i totally disagree with you...... i've tried it and its great.....some minor glitches.... but any indegenous work will have the trial and errors..... hope we master it soon. :)
The only thing in this debate is that ISRO initially made huge claims as listed by Lozil and most of them were as if ISRO is well prepared to fight Google but lateron every claim failed, and so also ISRO

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