Let's make this review a Little different....

Scenario: I had a slight headache, But the Tickets were already booked and I decided to watch Ravan.

Result: I come out from theater my headache amplified 100 times !!

That is the Review about movie.. So please stay away from watching Ravan.(Watch only if you have a Aspirin or Disprin in your pocket)

Even after that quick and unto point review, you want to know more, go on.

Acting: Only Abhishek Bacchan is Watchable, all others are either overacting or Sleeping.

Story: I am still not able to figure out the story. Is it Modern Ramayana, Is it addressing Naxal Problems or is trying to show Police brutality. WTH...

Special Mention to Special Effects: I could not control my laugh when everyone was jumping and falling from the cliffs. Even in Kids Movies People and objects fall down faster that extra slow motion the added in there looked very low quality and cheap. All the laws of Physics were Rewritten in Tollywood Style…

Rating: Zero out of Five…!! It's Not a Movie, It's a Documentary…!!


prash said…
super review...next time i will read ur review b4 watching a movie...so save myself from trouble of 2.5 hours.. i don think i can ever get my 2.5 hours back...stupid movie..lol

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