Something new in my Arsenal - SoundMAGIC PL11 Earphones

Just got my SoundMAGIC PL11 Earphones yesterday, Here is a brief writeup regarding the same.
I presently own SoundMAGIC PL30's with me, So why did I get PL11's? Well, here is the answer.. The PL 30's play the soft music pretty well, giving you pure output. But when it comes to listening to some Bass tracks the earphones don't hold up that much, They are clear but they lack that Bass punch.

After reading reviews about the Earphones finally made a decision that the PL 11's can satisfy my thirst of Bass within Budget.

Ordered one From bay from seller, After applying eBay coupon the price came down to 550 Rs…!! Awesome deal..

Lets speak about the Quality. plugged into my iPod Nano and started listening to the Music(Yeah MP3's for the timing, will try some FLAC's later). They simply sound Awesome, Better than the PL 30's bass and Creative EP-630's don't even come close to this. The bass is just too good. Pure sound and bass injected to your ears. Now that is something really worth paying for.

Well the packaging contains so many items:
1. Earphones+Clip
2. A Pouch
3. Cable wrapper
4. Multiple silicone earplugs so as to suit your ears.

So you want to hear the music the way it should sound, then you gotta get one of these at least…! The Warm bass response and a superb degree of clarity at higher frequencies, PL11 just feels fantastic.


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