Why I am Planning to switch from Vodafone...!

With mobile number portability in the line, I feel like it's time to get rid of Vodafone. Except the Cool number which I have, I have no reason to continue with Vodafone.

Lets dig them Up... Then Ditch them...

Low call rates? No…! they deduct some amount monthly from my balance for reduced call rate…!

Free SMS…? No…! they deduct some amount monthly from my balance so as I can send messages at 2 paisa…!

GPRS/EDGE plan which is usable? NO…! 10ps/10KB or 95 Rs per month you get 2GB, Both plans are useless because they have blocking of some sort, which does not let the GPRS to be used in native mail and some applications.

So why should I keep the Vodafone as My operator? Because the Advertisement DOG is Cute? or the ZooZoo ads are so Cool? Or they say they care about little things…!! Damn…! Get Lost...!

Now Which operator to go with?

Once I decide whom to go with, I am making a switch… No more following the Dog, As Vodafone has failed to do the little things which can keep me Happy and Satisfied.
Unless Vodafone comes back to me with something really good…!


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