Difference between a Proper Geek and a Fanboy.

After being bugged with bunch of Fanboys this post is dedicated to them.

There are different categories of Fanboys
1. Intel or AMD
3. Apple or Microsoft
4. Symbian or iOS or Android or WP7 or WebOS
So on…

Then there are Geeks, Who get the max for their buck..
Here is a comparison.

Geek: Decisions made with eyes open.
Fanboy: Decisions made with eyes closed.

Geek: Thinks before he gets something.
Fanboy: Gets something because someone said it's Different/awesome.

Geek: Can differentiate between Good, Bad and Ugly.
Fanboy: Can see only the the good even though good is 0.00001%.

Geek: Tries many things with whatever he got and uses most of the features.
Fanboy: Just uses the features which were shown to him.

Geek: Spends xx amount on thing worth xx, Then shuts his mouth.
Fanboy: Spends xxx for thing worth xx, Then argues why it's worth that price.

Geek: Looks at every gadget in neutral point of view.
Fanboy: There is only one point of view, It's called Fanboy Point of view.

Geek: Rarely regrets of his decision of purchase.
Fanboy: Could have got a better model for same price if I have waited.

Now if you are not feeling comfortable after reading this post then you are a Fanboy…!!
You can make a fuss about it in the comment section…


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