Fast 5 - Movie

After the Rio it was time for another movie. Yes the Fast and Furious 5. Everyone in the house was jumpy about the movie. We booked 5 Tickets for the Fast 5 for the Sunday Night 9:45 show. Yeah, Reached theater just on time and its Movie time again….!!

It was a nice start from when the previous movie left off. The car stunts, The Dialogues, The planning and everything about the movie is just super cool. Overall a complete entertainer. Total paisa Vasool movie…. :)

Cast: Amazing
Vin Diesel,Dwayne Johnson[Rock],Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster in main cast have done a fantastic job, There are no complains in the acting department.

Story: Nicely continued.
The story starts where it was left off in the previous movie, Nicely going forward. It ends with some points for the movie to continue too. [Don't run out of the theatre be fore you get final credits].

Action: Fully Packed.
The movie is fully packed with Cop chases, Whacked cars, Plans, Prison breaks, Bullets, Rockets, grenade and what not. The special vehicle Rock travels in looks super cool. There are a few places the action gets a bit too much at end of the movie, But you can digest that… :P

So if you have not watched the movie yet, Then book tickets and Watch… You will find this as a complete entertainer…!! [Provided you have watched the previous 4 of the Fast Movies].

Rating: 4.5/5


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