Has Flipkart.com lost it's Edge?

Some time ago, they used to sell books on Flipkart.com, Then there came the mobile phones, then the computer parts, then came the watches, Now? Diapers...!!

I am not against them selling so many items on their shop. but recently the Flipkart.com has become slow. It has become really slow.

My Earlier experiences:
Book Something in the Evening at 6PM, Get up next morning get ready ride to office, In Between you get a Call. Yes the Flipkart Guy "Sir, I am near your Office can you please come and collect the Item". The Prices were cheap.

My Recent Experience:
I book something on Wed Morning, Expect it to be there by Friday/Saturday at least. Nope, No Flipkart guy next morning. Not even on Friday/Saturday. Yeah he Comes on Monday. Also there is very little price difference between market and Online.

I know the delivery durations are there and Flipkart delivers within those, But the fact remains Flipkart has become slow. Earlier 2-3 days used to mean the next day morning. Now it means 2-3 days. Earlier 4-6 days used to mean 2-3 days now it means 5 days...!!

Sorry Flipkart you spoil us by giving awesome service, Now even though you are not bad I am irritated by slowness and the advertisements you show make me more frustrated.


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