Jan 26, 2013

Provident Fund: Checking Balance - Part 2

This is continuation from my previous Post Provident Fund Explained - Part 1 So if you have missed it, Please read through it.

Now let us come to the question, How to check my PF Balance?

Follow the below steps and it should be pretty easy.

1. Click on the Link http://epfindia.gov.in/
2. Now you should be able to see a link which read Know Your EPF Balance.
3. Click on the link, Which takes you to a page explaining lot of things.
4. Scroll down, See the Link CLICK HERE to know the Balance Yeah, that small thing you need to click.
5. Next- Select your State.
6. Click on the PF office your Company's comes under.
7. Now find your PF Number, Usually in Payslip in format
XX/XXX/XXXXX/(XXX)/XXX - Values (XXX) might not be present in your PF number.
8. The first 2 fields will be filled with your State code and PF office code automatically XX/XXX/XXXXX/(XXX)/XXX
9. Now enter the 3rd field with the establishment code XX/XXX/XXXXX/(XXX)/XXX
10.  4th field can be left blank if you don't have extension code XX/XXX/XXXX/(XXX)/XXX
11. Enter your PF number XX/XXX/XXXX/(XXX)/XXX
12. Enter your name as in Payslip and mobile number.
13. Check the "I Agree" box and Submit.

You must get your PF Balance in 5-30 mins on your cellphone as message.

Reading the Message:
The message will contain 2 things. EE amount and ER amount, Now if you read my earlier post then you should be able to make out why that ER is less.
*Your balance might seem low, The date will tell you till what date the data is updated, So don't panic.

Searching for Company Code: http://search.epfoservices.in/estt_search/est_search.php 
Click the above link and search for your company name in last field, you should get all the details about your company. 

So you know your PF Balance now, What next? I will try to explain the Damn complicated Pension Scheme document. Even I get nightmares when I see that 58 page Monster Confusing Document.

Jan 25, 2013

Provident Fund Explained - Part 1

It's a pain to look at people when they seem so confused about PF. The PF deductions look like rocket science until you understand them. This blog post is for all my friends who are either confused, or not bothered, or have given up trying to understand the "Employee Provident Fund" called shortly as PF.
Warning..!! - These calculations are just try to summarize the Rocket science of PF. You can't sue me if I have made a mistake.

Lets Start,
So you are working and your Company has a Provision for Provident Fund and all you know is 12% of your Basic Salary or Basic+DA will be deducted and will go somewhere you don't know. Here is a humble try to explain the heck of the process.

Provident Fund(PF) is made of 2 components
1. Employee Contribution (EE) or Your Contribution
(Yes this is the 12% which goes from your Salary.)
2. Employer Contribution (ER)
(This is usually included in CTC but sometimes this also is deducted from your salary if your employer has not defined employers contribution to PF in CTC)
Lets see both the contributions in Detail.

1. Employee Contribution: It's is easy to explain, It's 12% of your Basic Salary. So if your Basic Salary is 10000 Rs per month then 1200 Rs will go towards PF for EE contribution. or if your salary is 6500 then 780 Rs will go towards PF.

2. Employer Contribution: This contribution is a little tricky. There is a scheme called Pension Scheme where Employer has to contribute 8.33% of the contribution, So the simple math says as below.
Contribution to PF by Employer = 3.67%
Contribution to Pension Scheme by Employer = 8.33%

But there is a Catch, Pension Scheme contribution maximum amount is 541 Rs, So if your basic is above 6500 Rs then the 8.33% formula goes for a spin (Because government contributes 1.16% of your Basic Salary to your Pension Fund and have set the cap at 6500 Rs for salary) so the math becomes
Contribution to Pension Scheme by Employer = 541
Contribution to PF by Employer = Employer Contribution - 541

Eg 1:
If your Basic Salary is 5000 then then ER contribution is 600
Contribution to PF by Employer = 183.5
Contribution to Pension Scheme by Employer = 416.5

Eg 2:
So if your Basic Salary is 10000 Rs, then ER contribution is 1200
Contribution to PF by Employer = 659
Contribution to Pension Scheme by Employer = 541

#1 You can always Limit your contribution to 780 Rs which is 12% of the 6500.
#2 You can always increase Your Contribution using VPF i.e more than 12% and but your Employer will still contribute 12%.

So you have some more questions in mind now, Like
1. How the hell I check how much money I have in my PF
2. What the hell is Pension Scheme?
3. Why should I Invest in Provident fund, there are million other options available.

I will explain them in next posts.

Jan 6, 2013

Manjarabad Fort

One fine day I was browsing through the Google Maps near Sakleshpura and I see this...!! And I was like, What on earth is that....!!! I need to go there and see it once.

Well that was almost 4 years ago.

Every time I traveled via Sakleshpura I would remember, There is a Star shaped Fort...!! Manjarabad Fort. Finally was able to visit the fort last month.

[Yeah...!! You have to Climb Stairs...!!] 

 [The Manjarabad Fort Entrance]

[Gate inside] 

[Some well in the center]

[A Panorama from one of the edges, Click for a a bit better resolution]

I don't have any historical data about the Manjarabad Fort, Only know that during some point of time it came under Tipu Sultan.

Jan 4, 2013

Blast for the Past - the year 2012

1. Survived the Mayan Apocalypse:
Never believed the world will end because come civilizations calendar was running out of dates, But simply for the sake. I Survived Mayan Apocalypse and lived to see 2013.

2. Purchased a Car - Chevrolet Beat Diesel:
Wanted something better than my Bike to go on some trips, Something comfortable, Something reliable and something which is light on pocket when you fuel up. So after long discussions, research, CC bills clearing etc etc. We Purchased a car Chevrolet Beat Diesel LT.
Driven 9200Km's in a span of 5 months and at the rate of it, it looks that its going to run a hell lot of more miles in coming months/years.
Want to see the Mileage Figures? http://lozil.blogspot.in/2012/11/chevrolet-beat-diesel-mileage.html

3. Explored Srirangapatana.
Seems like I like Tippu Sultan, I have visited numerous places where he set his foot on, Jamalabad fort Near Belthangady, Bekal Fort Kasargod, Sultan battery Mangalore and the list goes on.
So finally decided that I need to explore Srirangapatana and had a awesome trip. No teachers telling me to get inside bus, You will be late, Move fast etc etc.
Just when you thought the Srirangapattan was the last one where visit to places visited by Tippu Sultan ends, 2 Weeks back I Visited Manjarabad fort. So now you know whom to contact in Case you need info about Tippu Sultan. :P

4. Visited Pondicherry.
A long weekend and 2 bored souls, Pack the bags, start the car and decide where to go...!! That was how we ended up in Pondicherry.
Lessons Learned: Before starting Check road conditions.

5. Got a DSLR Camera: Canon 600D
Always wished for a good camera never had one (or never bothered to purchase one) for almost 7 years now. Finally with the addition of car, seemed like a good Camera was very much required. Then one fine day the camera my wife had gave up. Said to myself "Abhi Nahin to Khabhi Nahin" and after a lot of research, searching for low prices etc etc got frustrated and got one from Chroma at market price.
Clicks? Ahem, Learning to hold the camera. So hold on.

6. Took a 10 Day break: After 5 years took a 10 Day break and celebrated Christmas at Home...!!

So that was the Quick blast from past Year 2012.... :) More to Come soon.