JP Nagar to Kalyan Nagar in 1 Hour?

If you live in Bangalore and If I said I did it between 5PM to 6 PM on a working weekday you will seriously laugh at me. Bangalore's road's are not kind on anyone. Yeah, The distance with straight roads is just 20KM. But time to cover the distance varies based on time. At 10 PM it shows 50 mins and at 12 PM it shows 1 hour 15 mins. So to pick my vehicle from Service I had to head to Kalyan Nagar, The centre closes at 6:30. Reaching on time was important. I checked google maps before I headed to Kalyan Nagar, 1 Hour 40 mins is what it read. Now if you wonder I cut the 40 mins by my/taxi drivers amazing driving, The answer is NO. This amazing feat was possible because of NAMMA METRO . JP Nagar to Majestic : 20 mins Majestic to Bayappanahalli: 20 mins Auto for next 9 Km's: 20 mins (Thanks to the ORR which just misses the KR Puram/Tin Factory junction.) This efficient use of public transport made me write this post. Hope the metro construction progresses at a fas

Nidagal Trek

After a long time a trek....!! This time it was in Pavagada district. Place is ~200KM from Bangalore 3-4 hours drive. Road via Dabaspet is in a better shape is what I felt (Took this route while coming back). But  If you live in North Bangalore take the Hyderabad highway and take left towards Pavagada from Penakonda. Location: It is a Moderately difficult trek. Carry Water and plenty of snacks. Took us 3 hours to reach the top with lot of breaks. Wear shoes (Mistake I did as I was wearing 80% covered Woodlands sandals, Things can enter inside from the rest 20% uncovered part). Park your vehicles at bottom of hill and start climbing which looks like a simple climb. (It is NOT) Here is what it looks like from the bottom. You can see layer of mountains at a distance when you climb up. A panorama from the top. (There are 2 cars in this picture and you can't see them because they are so far away.) At the Top there is a Nandi Temple.

Digital India ?

Well, Every time I see the word digital I feel happy. Yes, We definitely should move towards digital India & move towards cashless India.. Then I look at the cost of going digital. Some say the cost is reduced but then I had a look at 1 of my bank statements and realized, Digital is costing me money more that I expect it to cost. I have a account in Corporation Bank, Which I rarely use as you can see from the picture below. Has Internet banking and a vanilla debit card. I don't have a cheque book issued because I never needed one for this account. So Technically I have gone digital with this account. I use Debit card, don't use cheque book, don't visit the branch, do banking online. So look at the charges which I have shown. 1. They charge 150 Rs per year for having the Debit Card. (Should not this be part of banking now a days? Is it still a privilege?) 2. They charge me 100 Rs per year for getting SMS alerts. (Yeah, Right how much does bulk SMS's

Dandiganahalli Dam

After a long long and Long time visited a place. Calm Place. Morning well spent. Some clicks A Video of Clouds moving around. That's all...!!

Why do they put LED on the Power Button??

So my UPS has a power button, which has a white LED indicating it's ON...!! Nice feature ain't it? Similarly my PC has a White LED on Power Button..! Looks pretty cool. But have you ever thought about Kids + LED's on power button :) Imagine your curious kid amazed by the glowing white light comes and tries to explore the button more, You suddenly realize that LED's on the power button creates more troubles for you :) So that Mosquito Repellent Liquid and it's LED is a worry now, For that matter anything which comes with a LED worry's you. So your washing machine has a child lock feature, So your kid can't change any settings. Turn on the Child lock and Yes There it is another LED turned on telling you Child lock is ON and the color is RED..! Kids are just fascinated by RED...!! Now he goes and presses a button and that red LED Blinks..!!?? Telling kid that child lock is on?? For a kid it's amazing...!! He presses the button again to see the LED b

Shiradi Ghat - All patched up now

Last month was a nightmare traveling on the Shiradi Ghats. Here is the latest news from my recent trip. The Ghat roads are all patched up. You can drive on it, If you are traveling by bus then you can sleep peacefully. So enjoy the ghat sections till next May, Looking at the 5 Cr Patchworks, the quality seems a very low plus + this will give up during next rainy season. Hope for the best and enjoy the ride/drive.

Shiradi Ghat Road: Naming Potholes and Sections.

So, Here is the next part of the Pictures. There is NO road in some parts. You drive on whatever side you want to and whatever surface is left. Disclaimer : ALL THE NAMES USED IN THIS POST ARE FICTIONAL, ANY RESEMBLANCE / MATCH TO ANY LIVING OR DEAD PERSON IS PURELY ACCIDENTAL...!! More potholes No Road Sections Con-gress Section? More B-J-P Section? J-DS Section? Rajiv Pothole? Indira Lorry Breaker? More potholes? Lalu Rubble strip He was trying to find road And some more road There were some Pieces Then there were Potholes Rumblers Oscar Pothole Section He braked and Stopped Why?? Oh!! Moily Cliff !!! Another shot of Moily Cliff...!! Are you bored yet?  Still There? Yeah Baby Yeah..!! What? I thought this was a NH...!! 1st Gear 2nd Gear Break 1st Gear 2nd Gear Check the Height Now Check back the height Ahem More More Mu