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Digital India ?

Well, Every time I see the word digital I feel happy. Yes, We definitely should move towards digital India & move towards cashless India..

Then I look at the cost of going digital. Some say the cost is reduced but then I had a look at 1 of my bank statements and realized, Digital is costing me money more that I expect it to cost.

I have a account in Corporation Bank, Which I rarely use as you can see from the picture below. Has Internet banking and a vanilla debit card. I don't have a cheque book issued because I never needed one for this account.

So Technically I have gone digital with this account. I use Debit card, don't use cheque book, don't visit the branch, do banking online. So look at the charges which I have shown.
1. They charge 150 Rs per year for having the Debit Card. (Should not this be part of banking now a days? Is it still a privilege?) 2. They charge me 100 Rs per year for getting SMS alerts. (Yeah, Right how much does bulk SMS's are charged thes…