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Indian Premier League to Foreign Premier League....

I just feel like IPL has lost it's charm. Last year when IPL was played for the first time, Everyone was crazy to watch IPL. Many of my fiends were able to get tickets for IPL matches in their respective cities at a reasonable rate and chance to enjoy the Cricket in Live action.
This year IPL is going on in South Africa?? Why?? Security??? Or just trying to Cash on the success IPL...?? I guess they wanted to try something New this year.....

I am not watching IPL this season....I am just Not interested in cricket these days.

I seriously feel last years excitement for IPL is dead this year. Now the great Indian Premier League has become Foreign Premier League. Foreign Soil, Foreign Captains so totally there is nothing Indian remaining in there. I had a idea of going to Bangalore to watch a Match in live, All got flopped.. Thanks to BCCI. After matchs got shifted to SA I was just thinking about charging my Dish TV with some package which lets me watch SET-MAX at home... But I am not in …

"Socket Errors - Reloaded " Runners Up of Robosoft Volleyball

"Socket Errors - Reloaded " Runners Up of Robosoft Volleyball.....
That is what was expected and that is what that happened.......
But no regrets..... Reaching finals was an achievement... We will enjoy a party with the prize money... :P. That's what we played for and that's what we enjoy Most...... PARTY..... :D

"Socket Errors - Reloaded " in Finals of Volleyball

Yes...... Company Volleyball matches are on and we just reached the Finals...... :)

After losing badly in first round of Volleyball last year, the Socket Errors - Reloaded team is in finals.....
Again the team was formed just like cricket team, breaking one of last years best team and making a team..... :)

There were just 4 teams in tournament. So Every team plays against each other, and finally the top two teams will go to the finals. So we are the 2nd team in the List with wining 2 and losing 1.

The opposition in finals is the team we lost against in preliminaries. So I guess everyone will try their best to take the revenge.... :P

Wow, That is One Event in my company after Months....... :)

@Company = Robosoft Technologies

Windows Process Doubts???

Tired of looking at strange process names in Task Manager i just went to Google to see what are those stupid processes. Then I just found a great site, Which has got a whole list of processes which run on a Windows system.
The site may not give you the exact answer about the process, but can possibly help to check the process is dangerous or not... :)
The Site is

So I have no more process doubts..... :)

Got a New PC.....

Purchased a computer Last Weekend...
Total Bill of 14,000 Rs. for the CPU.

The Things i got with that bill are,
AMD Sempron 1250+ CPU. (Basic CPU for the Home RIG)
Gigabyte AM2+ Motherboard.
2GB Transcend 667 MHz DDR2 RAM.
500 GB Seagate HDD.
Sony 22X DVD Writer.
Microsoft MM Keyboard + Mouse combo.
Cabinet+ Power Supply.

Then I sat assembling things. With Home CPU and the Newly got components i Build 2 PC's with following Configuration.

Home PC:
CPU-AMD Sempron 1250+ CPU(Ya, the New CPU Goes in Here)
2 x 1GB transcend 667MHz DDR2 RAM
160GB Seagate HDD SATA + 40 GB WD IDE
LG 18X DVD Writer.
Old CRT monitor+old KB+MS

New PC:
AMD Athlon X2 3600+ (From Old Rig)
XFX Nvidia 8600, 512 MB DDR3(From Old Rig)
Gigabyte AM2+ Motherboard,
2GB Transcend 667 MHz DDR2 RAM,
500 GB Seagate HDD,
Sony 22X DVD Writer,
Microsoft MM Keyboard + Mouse combo.
Cabinet+ Power Supply.

The main thing missing in New Rig is Monitor.... :(
I can't find the Samsung 2233SW monitor as it is out of stock. So I have to wait f…

New 10 Rs Coin......!!!

New 10 Rs coin is released.....
"This design has been prepaed by National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad with the theme of Unity in Diversity
The outer side metal is Nickel-Bronze and the inner side metal is Ferrous Steel. The weight of the coin would be 8 grams and the diameter would be 28 mm"

Yuck...... Is the first work i Said about it when i just saw it..... Who the hell designs Coins these days??? 5 Rs coin looks like 50ps Coin... All The Designers are surely gone crazy these days....

Moving the IE 7 Address bar

I browse WEB using Firefox, But sometimes I do have to use IE due to some reasons. The most annoying thing in IE 7 is the Address bar. It's at the Top of the window, First i tried to get used to it, but it was so hard getting used to it that i finally decided to find a way to make it the way i want it.
A simple registry hack did the job for me....

So here is it.... Moving the Address bar in IE 7.

*** Following steps are NOT for people who don't understand risk of editing your registry.

1. Click on Start-->Run... and type regedit in the run box
2. Navigate to the following registry subkey:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser.
3. Right-click WebBrowser, select New-->DWORD Value.
4. In the New Value #1 box, type ITBar7Position, and then press ENTER.
5. Double click on ITBar7Position, and in the Value data: box, type 1, then click OK.
6. Exit Registry Editor, and then start Internet Explorer 7.

**The Above Steps did the work for me on Windows XP.

EK Movie

Went to watch Movie "EK" Yesterday....
Rating in reviews is just 1 for the movie,But sometimes you watch movies time pass.
About story: Some Copied story from some Movie which i don't remember.. :P
About Cast: Looks of Bobby Deol in EK should have made him look like some kind of tough guy,but he looks funny in those looks, and whenever he tried to act as tough guy in movie, i could not stop Laughing.
Nana Patekar has actually done a fantastic role in the movie, You can simply enjoy the entire movie with his acting.
Screenplay: The Movie is never boring but also is never interesting.... You seem to know what will happen next, so it never gets interesting... The reason for movie not boring enough to make you run out of theater is the dialogues. They are nicely written with some punch lines.
Overall a OK, Movie, Watchable once.... :)

Aa Dekhen Jara...

Just Something which i can say on the movie right away is, It's story is too much dragged.... Done.... :P
Ok Something more, It's a different kind of story in Indian Cinema, So I liked the Story of the movie, I liked the Acting, But the Way in which the story is presented on screen is just freaking bad.
Story Plot: A Camera which can take photo's of future... Bad guys behind it, a love story, Survival from future when you know what will happen.
About movie: Acting is department of movie is just fine, There is nothing to complain.
Screenplay: This Is completely flawed. Every 10 min you like the movie and next 10 min you feel like running away from theatre. This movie is a torture to watch.
My Rating 2/5.