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Luck - Movie

Yes, It was Movie time again so went to the Movie Luck....
This Movie has NO STORY...... :) Has just got Luck everywhere...
You just need to keep your brain outside the theater to watch this Movie.. Movie will entertain you at places, It will make you Laugh at Climax Scenes... Surely you can watch it Once.... ;) I can just say that the movie is not that bad, you don't feel like Running out of theater.
Acting is Fine, Imran Khan and Sanjay Dutt look good in their roles.. Mithun Has Done some good job(Ya here is his dialogue in movie "Koi Shak?")
So overall a OK movie..

2.5/5 If you Don't believe in Luck..
3.5/5 If you believe in Luck... Koi Shak???? :D

Mission Linux Failed...... :(

After 3 Months with just Open SUSE on my Home PC, The day has come to install the Windows again. Reason...?? My dad...!!
One Fine day last week, My dad called me near computer and told he needs Yahoo Messenger, I said just a min, let me configure it in Pidgin. All of a sudden he started yelling at me regarding the difficulty in the OS regarding installation of softwares(Ya he used to install only spyware/malware/adware in windows) that this bla bla bla...., Started screaming that he wants Windows Installed now. I had no other Option than Installing Windows on my machine after listening to his 15 min yelling.

So i started searching for drivers CD's and everything which is needed to install Windows. Installed Windows XP. After i finished installation, Sister said she wants Linux..... :) So installed Ubuntu 9.04 for her and myself when i have to use the machine... :) After all work Slept at 11.30PM and around 1AM there was Lightning....!! MB fried it's Network IC as ADSL modem was …

Yet Another Hackinthosh...... :D

2 Weeks after successfully installing and running the OS X on my personal machine i find some time to post here.... :)


With 4 MAC OS X Hackinthosh DVD's i was trying a install.
10.5.2 Kalway,
10.5.4 iDeneb,
10.5.6 iDeneb,
10.5.6 iPC.

First 3 DVD's gave "still waiting for root device" error, Then Finally got the iPC 10.5.6 installed on my machine on following components....

AMD Athlon X2 3600+
XFX Nvidia 8600 GT 512 MB DDR3
Gigabyte M61PME-S2 AM2+ Motherboard,
2GB Transcend 667 MHz DDR2 RAM,

Microsoft PS/2 KB i have gave a lot of trouble, Ditched it and used my old USB KB, Used nVidia-inject 512 MB, Everything works like a charm, provided i repair permissions whenever i fiddle with some stuff. OS X looks Beautiful on 22" HD monitor.And also by using the GRUB, I have made my Machine to boot into 3 OS's, Windows XP/MAC OS X/Ubuntu...

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Kambaqt Ishq Movie is Kambaqt Torture

With mood for fun went to watch the movie Kambaqt Ishq.... First Half of the movie is completely based on Bikini shots and so called Comedy and Second half is based on emotion.
The movie is supposed to be a comedy movie.... But fails miserably in making it's mark as comedy movie.
Lets speak about cast and acting as there is NO STORY in Movie:
Akshay Kumar Looks good with a role of stunt man which suits him nicely(Atleast Something good).
Kareena Kapoor is just bad as she can be, with her smile peeping at wrong places,Showing her so Called Figure.... :P
Aaftab is Just OK, nothing much for him(I am confused about him being present in the movie).
Amrita Arora just looks good when she wears minimal cloths, Nothing that good in acting department.
I never made out what Javed Jafree was doing in the movie.
Hollywood Actors and Actress appearance was something which i just could not swallow, That too Sylvester Stallone on a Road fighting people.. OMG... Insane.. I imagine how the producer managed…

New York - Movie

After a long break for movie watching, a movie whose name seemed a little good was there in theaters. "New York" a movie based on story of 9/11 attacks.
Overall movie was just watchable, Not that bad.
Acting by all actors is Good and Upto their mark. The story is nicely done and flows in a nice manner. You can watch it till end with no run away from theater feelings... :) but there is a time in movie where you expect a likely Typical Hindi movie ending, but somehow they have managed to end it in a non typical Hindi movie ending.....!
Overall the movie is watchable once.....! Nothing Spectacular about the movie...

My rating is 3.5/5

Enjoy the movie with some wafers and Pop Corn... :D