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The AXIS Bank TXN password Dillema

Long time ago I posted how to find the Login ID for Axis bank here. Many people found that post useful as i was going through the comments today.
Earlier that time, even I didn't had any idea about online banking login ID's and Passwords etc etc. Well, didn't used to earn at that time…(Or at least not sufficient)
I remember in previous post I was clueless about the TXN (Transaction)Password which the bank had sent me. But later I found it out what it is used for. Yeah, after activating the transaction facility. So today I am taking some time to ink it in.

The TXN password is used for the Purpose of making a Transaction. So if you want to transfer some money to other account then the TXN password will be asked before you go ahead with a Transfer. Well thats what banks call security.

Well you need to activate the transfers facility to use this. :)

*This is a very old post, was idling in my drafts… So thought of publishing it, hoping someone will find it useful.