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And Tamilnadu Still Asks for Kaveri Water...

I was going through the Google Maps today, Suddenly checked a few Images about who has how much of Kavery Water.... :)

Check Out the Images Below..... You will come to know, Who needs more water....... :P

Terrain MAP:
Check Where is Krishna Raja Sagara DAM... :) Also Check The Stanley Reservoir.

*Click For the Bigger Version of Images

Now This is a Satellite Image.... Check Out Who has How Much Water.... :)

*Click For the Bigger Version of Images

And Tamilnadu Still Asks for Kaveri Water... lol.... :P

Complete madness.....!!

This is called Complete madness..... This is what happens when your brain goes out for a walk and you have a well maintained Bike.... :P
You start Bike in the morning at 8.30 and go to Shivamogga from Belman on your Bike. Reach Shivamogga at around 12.15, Riding that 170 Km Stretch... :) Then after finishing your work there you head back home, starting at 3.50 from Shivamogga you reach Belman by 7.15. With your ass paining like hell because of a Long stretch of sitting in the same position riding.That is what I did this Sunday (16-Aug-09), A day to remember... 340 Kms in a day.. For fun, For Experimentation... :)Route Taken: Belman-Karkala-Agumbe-Teerhahalli-Shivamogga Next Try: Belman-Bangalore one way (Date Not Fixed Yet).
More (Pic, Videos etc) on Pillion Riders Blog... :)

Hanumangundi Pictures

Pictures from the last Road Trip to Hanuman Gundi on 1st Aug.... :)

The Rider and the Ride... :)
Some Nice Sceneries.....
One more...... :)
Spotted Some Deers... :)

Water Flowing with Full Force at Hanuman Gundi.... :)
Thats All... Signing off....

Love Aaj Kal - Wonderful Movie

Awesome........!!! Ya that is the Overall word for the Movie Love Aaj Kal.... :)

I really feel you should watch the movie first and then come back and read this post... :P

After many crap movies this was a total Entertainer, Never knew the interval can come so fast in the movie and also the ending... :)

The story matches the present day situation somewhat, Confusions in mind lead to all sort of complexities in life... Main Theme of story is Love in 1965 and Love in 2009....

Acting by all actors is Wonderful... Saif has done his part nicely, Deepika looks Gorgeous wherever she comes into screen, Giselle Monteiro the new comer has also done a decent role, Rishi Kapoor is just fine for that role.

I am going out of words to put this movie review here, Why don't you go and Watch the Movie.... :P

Nice Movie, Nice Cast, Nice Story, Total Paisa Vasool...... :)

Rating: 4.5/5*Why not a 5?, Just felt a little odd quirk in story.

So if you watch the movie, Well Leave a comment, If not go and watch th…