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Wipro Knows About Scam and Gives Just a Warning??

Well Regarding my Previous Post regarding Wipro Job Scam I got a Comment.
"Details and caution are available at

The news is also covered at"

Well Why Does not Wipro trace the A/C number and get the heck out of that Person.... :P
What Should be Done to Such Scammers...?? Your Comments are awaited...

Wipro Job - Scam...

Well, Today I got a Mail from Sonali Puri Wipro Info Tech.

The Mail(From a GMAIL ID) ,
Dear Applicant
This is inform you that your Resume has been short listed from and after our hrd had been short list you in the company ,so read carefully the attachment file .

Thank you
Sonali puri

Well, They want people to deposit a security for the Interview(Well a 7850 Rs).....
Check the Contact ID, it's Yahoo......

By NOW You must have Realized, "SPAM"


So You Get a Mail Like This... Please Don't Fall For It..... :)

He will Take the money and disappear...

Why Doesn't Wipro File a Case on that Guy....
You have the A/C Number Just catch the guy and get the hell out of him.... :)

Well, I tried searched for the Wipro Contact US... But Could not find the same.... Will search tomorrow and Forward them this... :P

Google Wave.....!!! First Impressions...

After a long wait I was invited to a new world of Waving by Google.

Day 1: I was so confused about the Google Wave, I didn't spent much time with it.

Day 2: I was wondering why did I Login For Google Wave I can't understand anything. :( Then i gave out wave invitations to my friends.

Day 3: Everyone said they didn't get the invites yet. I said wait invitees take time. Well I was very bored with Wave.

Day 4: One friend whom I sent invite was on Wave, Now something was getting inside my mind about Google wave. He got back to me with a simple Wave.

Day 5: Yeah, I got a Little better with Waving after i watched those Videos embedded in my wave home page.

Day 6: I can See Some more familiar faces now. Added tweety app to the Wave. Now tweets should be possible by Waves.(Didn't check yet, Will go home and check)
A few more invitees left.. Interested can Contact me... :)

Mafia Wars Anyone......??

Well, All my friends out there in Facebook must be cursing me because they get so many Mafia Wars updates from me. But Frankly speaking those are just a 5% of all updates I could possibly publish on the Wall.
Well, This game in the Facebook is addictive, You are a gangster and you have to build your mafia(Friends) You have to do some Jobs, Some Fights, Some wars to Progress in your quest of becoming the ultimate Gangster.
Well, By playing this game you just don't achieve anything, But it's fun to play. May it be the Stamina or Energy packs may be the Godfather Point, Some Freaky weapons and what not. Really this game is designed well is what I can say... You never lose interest in completing the game and the developers never let you complete the game by adding more and more levels and achievements.
So if You haven't tried this game or Want something to kill your Time sometime Then this is a Game for you.
(If you hate Mafia Wars Then Just hide the Updates OK..??)

Lets Join the M…

Softpedia Listed My Scripts.......!!

Well Well, This was a surprise for me. Softpedia listed my scripts on their website. You can Checkout the Listings at Login Screen Changer and at Dock Switcher.

Login Screen Changer For Leopard

After a Day which was fully boring I felt like doing some Apple scripting. Then with help of a friend for some part i was finally able to complete a Simple but May be Useful Script.

OS: MAC OS 10.5.7 Verified
This Script is Called: Leopard Login Screen Changer.
What It Does: Changes The Boring Galaxy Screen off from your Login Screen in OS X Leopard to the one you love.
Is This Script Really Useful: Naa, Just some Eye Candy.
Any Damage To My System: Nothing serious, After Running the Script for the first time Backup and Keep that DefaultDesktop.jpg file which gets created in your Desktop.(As Later runs will Replace that File with the one you selected previously.)
Any Further Improvements: Possible, But time frame cannot be set.
Which Image I can Set: Only .jpg files
Where can I Get It: Get It From Link Below

Download Here

If You Like it or Unlike it, Leave a Comment..... :)