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Finally After a lot of Wait.... Hair pulling dial up speeds... The broadband is in my Village... :D
Nice to be online now... Just Have to take the unlimited plan as i don't want to burn money due to my downloads.... You Know Torrents... Lot of them.... Nothing Else...
on the other hand enjoying the Music With iPOD... Downloaded iTunes with help of a friend (Broadband just came a little late). Now organising music is a lot easier...

Awesome Website

In the Quest Of browsing through the Net i stumbled Upon This awesome Website....
Many many DIY's available on the site.
Just give it a Try....
Here is the Link..

Apple Nano Effect...!!!!

Finally got my hands on Apple iPOD Nano...
Now i can't synchronize the Nano without iTunes... So started searching for Some magazine DVD's so that i may just find the itunes and i did find one,Dec 07 DVD had iTunes on it. I Pop it in,install the software connect the iPOD just to find out that it's version 7.4 and my 3G ipod requires something 7.6....!!! I am in cold water....!!

Search on Internet for itunes just to find that the size of download is 57MB, Just can't download that much on my Dial up.

Like a warrior now i search for the alternative. I find Media Monkey in the Same Magazine DVD install the version 2.5 it's a FREEWARE. As it just seems like it is working,I transfer some songs to ipod, Disconnect the player and go through the list just to find NOTHING...!!!!!!! Even Media Monkey 3 is required for this 3G iPOD...!!! I am loosing my Patience... I pay So much for the player and Apple Can't Bundle iTunes with the player...? A 80mm Cd with iTunes... OK No ne…

A Blog for Free Softwares...!

As everyone was asking me for which software to use...???
Give me this Give me that software i finally decided to Run away and make a blog where i list all the free wares and Link to download them.
All the essential Stuff i have listed there... and i update it as regularly as i find something good and which is free...
So no more Keygen requests please

You can find the blog at

Or simply Give a visit to the blog by clicking this Link.


If you Have some Free Time Or have something interesting Please leave comment below... I will surely take care of Deleting it...
Oh sorry...!!
Will look through it i mean.. :D