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Mumbai in terror... !!

The scene is over at Mumbai with 180 and odd killed.. Such a sad event, such a shameful deed.

I never understand the theory behind the Terrorism. They kill people, that also innocent people and they think they will go to heaven...?? They kill, they die what's the point they are trying to prove to the world...??
Islam = Spread Terror, kill innocent people.....??
Jihad= Die for religion killing innocent people....??

I just can't think anything more.....
Just one question revolves in my mind..... "When there will be World Peace...??"
And i ask one question to myself... "Are we Safe....??"

One more Torrent Trick.... :)

I Know how it is to be out of peers when you want to download a file. I got a simple solution when i got into same problem.
Say You got a Torrent 'X' and is Tracked by tracker 'Y' with it's Hash info 'H'.
*Hash info- You can see it in utorrent named as Hash
So torrent 'X" is out of peers on tracker 'Y', But there is a chance that there may be peers available on other trackers which are not listed in the .torrent file you downloaded.
Here is simple solution i found.
Copy the Hash something like "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" (You can copy hash from right click and copy on utorrent on the Hash).
Now got to
Paste your Hash and search. You will get a list of trackers for the hash you searched. Now you get a option to "Copy utorrent Compatible list" just below the tracker list. Click the link select and Copy the Trackers. Come to your Torrent, Go to torrent properties and paste the tracker list in the Trac…

Yuvraj the Movie....

2.30 hours of complete torture....
There is no comedy, There is nothing emotional, There is no Story but it's still a movie....WTF....
Only thing which is good in the entire movie is it's Music. A.R. Rehman has done it nicely. The Choreography is good but it just not impressive without a story...
Cast: Salman Doesn't know how to cry, Zayed Khan is OK, Katrina is just done her job nicely, Anil Kapoor has done his role nicely. So If you ever got time and want to waste it You can surely go and watch Yuvaraj.

Power is back... But what about Udupi city Roads...??

The Power is back.... :) It's a 3 Hour cut daily now.... Thank god not more... :) I still remember what our CM said "We will Give 24 hours of power supply" Possibly he is giving 24 hour power in his dreams.
The Highway might be good near Udupi, But if you enter inside the Udupi City you will see that there exist no ROAD. Entire road is like continuous stretches of speed breaker. Was going back to office after collecting my bike from TVS service station in the evening. Thought of taking Highway via the Taluk Office road, then remembered it's Dug near Taluk office, Thought of joining highway via Karavali but the road Concrete work is going on. Now only two options left,
1. Take the inner roads and join highway near Ambalpady/Karavali.
2. Take the Kalsanka Road and join near Ambagilu.
Thought later is better that the former as I know that road. Just to realize that the entire Road is a Speed breaker. The patch work on the road is so pathetic that it has converted the ride t…

No Electrcity....!!!

From past few days the Electricity is almost non existing at my place. 1 Hour supply 2 hours power cut.....!!! 3 Thermal Power plants in Raichoor down, 2 Power plants in Varahi down on the same day. Result, 1700MW shortage, and bad part is Karnataka already has power shortage, so that's double shortage. Which is just the worst thing which can happen to Karnataka.

Only good thing is that it's November and the weather is atleast cool... :) Can have a sleep in night.. But No internet Hurts... :P

Being an Electrical Engineer I know how difficult it is to maintain grid stable and keep it running, if you get a power generation shortage then you have to cut the supply somewhere to keep it stable. Whole South India will be in dark if the grid crashes due to excessive demand as one by one generators will get overloaded and will get disconnected for protection creating a complete shutdown of the Grid. And if Grid crashes then don't ask.....

So Hoping this condition does not exist for a…

Golmaal Returns

Went to watch the movie to Ashirvaad theater near my office, hoping for some real comedy as in 2006 movie Golmaal and wishing for laughs till my stomach hurt. But this movie is too cheap...(Thank GOD, Didn't go to Adlabs).
The Comedy dialogues make you wonder is it impossible to do a comedy movie without all those double meanings dialogues. Everything is good until it's done in it's limits.
Story: I wonder from where these writers get the story writing idea...!! They do it right till a point then they just go out of their mind write some crazy stuff at the end... Story line was OK but the ending is just blowing my brain OUT.
Cast: Ajay Devgan has Doen his part to the best, Arshad Warsi has done his part nicely but he is underutilized in the movie,Tusshar Kapoor is good when he doesn't speak only, his role is over utilized in the movie. Shreyas Talpade has done a g reat job and the role suits perfecly for him. The actress are pathetic in the Movie, Kareena Looks as if she …

"What the Hell They were Thinking"

I started watching Top gear from the day i started getting BBC world at home, Now I download the series regularly on my PC. The season of Top Gear was over i started to download and watch the First season of Top Gear Australia hosted by Warren Brown,Charlie Cox, Steve Pizzati.
Soon after 2 episodes itself i realized that no one can match the Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May. They host the show in such a way that even the most boring car's reviews are interesting. In Top Gear Australia even the best car test drives were like damn yuck. I was like let me watch the show just because i have downloaded. Now i am just angry on myself for just downloading that series. On Top Gear Australia you can see only burning tyres, nothing more. Only dialogue i ever heard on the Lets heat the Tyre.... Utter crap. You have a wonderful machine under your hood and you waste time in telling Lets heat the tyres. Even the Test Track was didn't look good. So what i can say is…

Backing up data

It's a Pain when i run out of hard drive space... I need to do something so that you get some space. But when i have time and Full HDD i lack blank DVD's and when i have Blank DVD's and full HDD i have lack of time... :(
So finally today the day came. I am emptying my HDD by burning all the important chunk of my data to the DVD's. Planning to burn atleast 25GB today, so that i can merge 2 partitions and make them one huge partition.
20 GB Done and now the last DVD is under Fire... :P
So Finally... :)