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Chevrolet Beat Diesel Mileage.

After the Car purchase everyone asks the same question these days "Kitna Deti Hai", So this post tries to address the Question. :)

Here are the mileage figures which I am getting from the Chevrolet Beat Diesel.

All the readings are actual and calculated on a Full Tank to Full tank basis. If there is any error then it's marginal caused by round up to next 100 Rs while filling up.

So my best Figures till date are 22.5 kmpl Total Highway drive with ~40% AC on.

Worst ones are Inside City 15kmpl with 100% AC on. Most of the time taking 2 hours for a 20km drive.

Below sheet tells you the mileage I am getting for each fuel up.

The data will be updated regularly... For more details/doubts, Please leave a comment.