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Why I am Planning to switch from Vodafone...!

With mobile number portability in the line, I feel like it's time to get rid of Vodafone. Except the Cool number which I have, I have no reason to continue with Vodafone.

Lets dig them Up... Then Ditch them...

Low call rates? No…! they deduct some amount monthly from my balance for reduced call rate…!

Free SMS…? No…! they deduct some amount monthly from my balance so as I can send messages at 2 paisa…!

GPRS/EDGE plan which is usable? NO…! 10ps/10KB or 95 Rs per month you get 2GB, Both plans are useless because they have blocking of some sort, which does not let the GPRS to be used in native mail and some applications.

So why should I keep the Vodafone as My operator? Because the Advertisement DOG is Cute? or the ZooZoo ads are so Cool? Or they say they care about little things…!! Damn…! Get Lost...!

Now Which operator to go with?

Once I decide whom to go with, I am making a switch… No more following the Dog, As Vodafone has failed t…

And You Thought Bangalore Elevated Expressway saves time…!

The Most awesome Stretch of road in Bangalore…!! 9 Km of Signal free riding at 80 Km/h, Silk board to the Electronic city in 8 min...!! Now that should definitely save time and Fuel Right?

No…! Especially if you are traveling by 2 Wheeler…!

You will end up all the time saved  by riding while waiting to pay the toll. Also all the fuel you saved will go down the drain while you move in the toll line idling your engine and move at snails pace in 1st gear. [This happens during the peak hours i.e 9 AM to 10.30 AM and 5PM to 8 PM]

This is same story everyday for the two wheelers at peak hours. A single tollbooth for the two wheelers and hundreds of two wheelers waiting in queue for paying toll. If you ride at 80 Km/h then expressway can be covered in 8 min, but to pay toll you need to wait for 10 min…! Now that's insane and meaningless…!

Day pass is 20 Rs and Single way pass is 15 Rs for two wheelers. Why you pay that amount of money for a ride? Because, you are tired of Bommanhalli Sign…

Another New Year - 2011

Yes, Happy New Year...!!

Another year has gone past in a blink, And with the past year are gone past the resolutions we made for  year, and there are the new resolutions for new year.

In the mean time we grew older by an year, experiencing life at it's extremes and randomness.

This particular post does not make any sense. But this post just reminds me to keep blogging.

One of my resolution is that at least 1 post per month on the Blog... :)

What is Yours....!!!???