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Short Circuit of Banking Events

A Short Circuit of Banking events with me from past few days..... :)
Was able to attach my Corporation Bank Debit Card with Google Checkout..... :) Now have to check which E-Tail Shop Supports Google Checkout and burn some cash as soon as the Salary falls in. :)
Got activated with Corp Online banking on Saturday, It looks good.... :) And it's free..... :P
Today a strange thing happened, I just went to Axis Bank with my Axis Bank Card and tried to withdraw some money and the ATM machine started showing "Invalid Card,Sorry for the inconvenience." Last week also i faced same problem at the same ATM machine of Axis bank, But on that day changing language of Transaction from English to Kannada worked for me. But this time tried everything but all in vain. Dam Irritated, Went to the ATM of Canara Bank(I have Faced lots of issues with Canara bank ATM machines, But i hoped it was worth a try) Put in my Axis bank Card and It worked. I was able to Withdraw Money fr…

Facebook Looks Better than Orkut....

Yes i have started Liking the Facebook a lot these days... I Visit Facebook more times than i visited Orkut when i was Orkut addicted.
The thing i liked in Facebook is it's feel and looks. It has got that No Non sense look.... Looks so clean, but offers much more... There are Fun games, Fun Quiz, Your Friends activity is just updated in your home screen, You can see what they are doing, Which photo they were or you were tagged etc, etc all this without clutter.
Yes Orkut just got better sometime back with integrated chat, some themes and applications, SMS updates, but it is so much messed up in there, it might take a lot of time for Orkut to become better than what it is today. So I Almost Visit Orkut once a week..... :) I guess Orkut offers them all but it is just too difficult to find out how to use it... :P
So you better catch me at Facebook.

Ripping DVD to 700MB

Today i was trying to rip one DVD.... The axxo DVD rips I download from torrent network has size of 700MB and really some good quality. So how to get the same was a question to me.
Some search on internet and some research i finally ended up with something, Which was a total bundle for creating DVD rip. Downloaded the torrent . Yes that Torrent has DVD rip tools as well as a demo video to show how to create the same.
Installed all components, Popped in the DVD I wanted to RIP, Set the settings according to the demo video. After some 2 hours my DVD rip of 700MB was ready...
Voila.... Nice quality... :) and size of 700MB.... Too Good.... :P

13B -- Movie

Watched the Movie 13B...
Watchable once.... First half is a little boring, The story just keeps you confused... But story really gets some real material later on... Every confusion gets solved and finally the end again Puzzling... :)
BTW, It was supposed to be a horror movie and it is for some extent, Some real goose bumps in the movie... :) Video+Sound mixing has done the job for the movie. Sound it not so Loud, Video is not so harsh, but the combination of both results in a movie of complete different standard...
(So i can say, Technically this movie is too good... They have used Human Engineering.... :D)
Performance of characters is fine, everything appears to be good enough... Madhavan has done justice for his role... It's a kind of Family horror movie.... :P
Overall Paisa Vasool..... :)

Google Talk Needs an Update...

Yes, Google Talk, a small little chat client from Google .... Actually I love it the way it is... Small, Simple, but very powerful....
But sometimes I feel that this application needs an Update... It's almost years since i saw a major version release of Google Talk.
As i have seen it Google Talk does not require any feature enhancement, It's a Complete NO NONSENSE chat application i have seen so far. But there is a Simple thing which is really missing in Google Talk.... You may be asking me what??? What exactly you want more in that app which is already great...??? Actually I don't want anything much more Special.. just want the Google Talk to be capable of SMILEYS...
Smileys support is something which is missing in Google Talk from the beginning. Those little Smile,Sad,Confused, Smileys can change the way you chat to a large extent.
So finally the time has come, I am waiting for a update of Google Talk with Smileys support....
What You Want...?? Comment box is Open.... :)

Do we need a 81 year old PM......??

A 81 year old Person is Competing for PM Post in India and he is spending so much money in online advertising that you can find his banners everywhere on every website. Irritating me and making this blog post essential over here.... :O A few quick things which pass by my mind......
1) Yes at age 81 it's a well known truth that you can't remain young. Let the young educated people become PM so that India can emerge, Who actually can come up with better ideas, Who can actually travel entire India on CAR/BUS/TRAIN rather than AMBULANCE. Otherwise someone simply be spending the tax money paid by me for medical expenses rather than the development of India.
2) The amount of money which is going on online advertisement is So Huge, Spend it on some village so you will be getting votes from that village at least. (I actually banned the advertisements from my blog - i feel irritated by anything political)
3) Yes I like the No Compromise Stuff, No False Promises stuff but not at the cost o…

Delhi-6 Movie...

Yes watched Delhi-6 Yesterday....
Nice Songs... But the movie is boring.... The story has a punch line about what exactly happens in the real world, and how communal fights are started without any reason. But Kaala Bandar theme used in the movie is just boring. It just makes Audience to get irritated than watch the movie.
Ending is too unrealistic for a movie which has such a solid topic.
I liked music as there was a tinge of Hip Hop beats... :)
As for acting is considered, Everyone has done their part very well..
So Delhi-6 is a boring entertainer as far as i am considered.... For Someone who has seen the movie and has their opinions the Comment Box is open. :)