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Socket Errors Reloaded in finals....

Yes, Finally we made it to finals of the Robo Cup (Company's yearly cricket event) this year..... :)
1st match Quarter finals, we Made 59 Runs in 6 overs, defended the total and we were in semi's
2nd Semi finals again we made 59 runs in 6 overs, defended the score and we reached finals.... :)
Then in finals was a 8 over match we were at 26 runs at the end of 5th over, Then there was some awesome batting from Prashanth which included 5 sixes in 1 over the score moved up to 86 at the end of 8th over.... Quite dependable target.... :)
Then the Errors started.... We lost 2 bowlers due to injury, we ran short with fielders, then we dropped some catches, then the biggest mistake.. I bowled an over which gave out runs.... Utterly the final went all down without any excitement and with injuries.... So "Socket Errors - Reloaded"- Runners up of Robo Cup... :(
Just Regretting about 3 Catches we Dropped, 2 Full toss balls that i bowled, Our Captain Shaanib's Over going for some r…

Robo Cup 2008 Memories

As of last year we are having the cricket match this year in Company, So i just remember how fun last years cricket was..
Last year with much interest formed a team "Socket Errors" with a bunch of people who can play... With hope of winning at least one match we went to the ground... Lost the toss and were been put to field.... The opposite Team Scored 56 runs in 6 Overs...
Then our turn.... Our Captain Kiran alone scored around 40+ runs by end of over 4. Remaining 10 members just went to pitch marked attendance and came back... and Lost badly by 6 Runs.... :P

So This year There is ROBO CUP 2009, The team name changed from "Socket Errors" to "Socket Errors - RELOADED". The batting order has been put on steroids this time with some memeber steals from last years winning team and some other strong teams... :D The Bowling department is also looking good with some real good furious bowlers.... So, Lets see what happens... :) You can catch the action on MGM Groun…

Small Website.... :)

While browsing through the Net I just stumbled on this site.... :)
It's so tiny and it is navigable inside.... Just liked the way someone has designed it with so much precision....
Try it.... :)

Billu Barber ..

After a break watched movie -- Billu Barber... :) Over all a 50% paisa vasool movie... I still hate the first half of movie where the story never makes sense... The half after interval is just better than the half before..
What is special about movie..??
Irfan Khan... He is just amazing.... His part of acting is worth every penny you paid to watch the movie...
Sharuk has done his job as he usually does it... Nicely...
After watching Billu Barber i can say Lara Datta knows a little acting .... :)
Story is just fantasy, so never expect something of real world, but the presentation is good. Comedy is all dialogue based, which i liked a lot.
Overall The first part of Billu Barber is Billu Bore-Bore, Later it gets a little interesting...

Repaired my Nokia 9300 Myself...

Yes i have a Compass box mobile. Nokia 9300. :) After working faithfully for 2 years the external Display just went out. Blank white light. Was operating the cell with the internal display from last 3 months. You may ask didn't you go to repair it...?? Yes i Did. One whole day i was roaming Mangalore going to each Nokia Care just to get that answer that they don't get parts and all the crap stuff and they just cant repair. They just never want to open that Handset.. Damn Buggers lazy people..... :@

So Finally the day came. I took it on my own hands... Went to a friends mobile shop (Ya this friend suggested me to take it to Nokia care as it's a delicate set and he refused to open it also), Took his tool kit and opened the mobiles outer part by myself. Taking the whole risk of making it go Catapult I simply took the chance with high risk.. Opened the external panel of mobile by unscrewing 4 screws and slowly opening the lock (Open the single lock and lift it, the double locke…

Valentines day Joke... :)

Just got this Image as a Forward.... Whoever created this one has told the nude truth about the people who oppose Valentines day or a girl and boy being together.

This cartoon shows to what extent the who oppose can actually go someday.... :P

Enjoy... :)

Judging people...

Just these are some thoughts which flowed out of my mind today..
Judging people... How you do it...?? How i Do it... Is there something which i need to follow while i evaluate a person out of the Blue..?
Every person maintains a Dairy in his mind, In which he writes whatever his feelings are, about his friend,his enemy, his loved one, The people he meet etc etc..
The mistake we do while writing, is we write in all the mistakes which people committed and forget to write about the good things people have done. So finally when the day comes to look into the diary and give a report about the person, we open the Diary and we see all the bad things... We never remember the good things which they did to us... So we end up Judging the person wrongly.. So making a habit of writing bad things as well as good things whenever they happen is very important.
It seems we find it easier to write the mistakes as we can find them easily and the good things we always miss.
So i am making a habit now.. Writin…

February is Here

Yes, finally the Month of Feb is here...
Whats good about February....?? In February girls speak a lot less as there are just 28 days... :P This month also fetches Full Salary for 28 days... :P (What an amazing month rite, why cant every month be February??) Yes The Valentines day also comes in February(Just hoping this year cupid strikes :P). I also Complete a Year of Biking... :) Finally i will get rid of that Loan i am Paying for my bike.. ;)
More Cash=More party's(OK those start from March Hopefully......) So what Else to write Now.. Just Looking ahead for the month of February.... Want this over ASAP... :)
TGIF(Thank God It's Friday)
TGIF(Thank God It's February).