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I just rolled in to

I just created an account at, Will try to update it regularly with funny pics I come across.

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Remember Google Buzz and Google Wave…??

Just saw a article about Google Buzz, and suddenly remembered that google launched Google Buzz and Google Wave a little time ago… :)
When launched the All the Buzz was around Google Wave and Google Buzz, After a few months i can't see anyone Waving anywhere to get a Google Wave Account, The signup frenzy for Wave has just dried up. The Google Buzz came with a BUZZ, Then everyone felt it irritating, There were some privacy issues, and suddenly all the Buzz dried up...
For the timing I am happy with Twitter and Facebook…Anyone Still using Google Wave and Google Buzz??

Unlocking the Airtel MMX 610U Datacard.

Unlocking Microimax MMX 610U Datacard from Airtel.
1. Remove the Airtel SIM from Modem then insert any other Operators Sim Card.
2. Visit and enter Your Microimax MMX 610U IMEI number (written on the Card itself). Enter the Security code then press Calculate, You will get 2 Codes Unlock Code and Flash Code.
3. Now connect your Modem to PC, a Screen will be put up to enter the Unlock code, Enter the Unlock Code generated above and you are Done. Your Card is Unlocked....!! Congrats....

The Nokia E71 Story...

Last Sunday was the day…!! Went into Sangeetha Mobile shop in evening and got myself a New Nokia E71. Liked the Phone and features & loved the QWERTY keyboard.
Sunday was over, Monday was on the verge of finishing itself off I was trying out the GPS feature in my cellphone. With the Black Background I can see some shining dots in Screen…!! At first I ignored, But later it started striking to my eyes…!! Dead Pixels…!! On a New Cellphone…!!
So Now the Action Plan: Waited Tuesday for the office to get over, Reached Home As early as I can, Picked the already backed Mobile box and Bill. Headed towards Sangeetha… Showed the Manager the dead Pixels…!! I Initially was expecting he will tell me You have to go to the Nokia Care etc etc and there will be some Rude conversations. But He surprised me..!! He Took out a Boxed E71 and Replace my Piece…!!(Sweet) Now thats what I Call Smart Service… Very happy with the outcome got back Home and Slept nicely…!!
Now busy exploring the features of it…!…