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After a much wait went to the ROCK ON movie, A Fantastic movie, Nicely maintained storyline, songs at proper location without hitting the storyline(BTW the movie is about music itself so it's much needed) All the Actors were Superb. Faran Akthar and Arjun Rampal were exceptionally good. Over all a Good movie i give it 9/10.

Kudremuka Kalasa...

Ya last Saturday went unexpectedly to Kudremuk and Kalasa.
Trip was unexpected,Started with a word from Milton and we started 2 Bikes 4 People... Georgi and Kevin Joined..
After a short breakfast at Kiran's Vadapav stall we started to Kudremuk.
The road is just awesome, After riding 20 Km we realized that We forgot to get Camera. bad... Even Georgi forgot his SE W700i Mobile, that is Worse, just two VGA cams of Milton and Kevin and lot of memory in my 9300.
Riding in the forest was cool and fun., Enjoyed the day, Stopped at Basrikatte checkpost for the tea, then started to Kalasa, spent 15 min in kalasa and we started back.
The awesome part was 18Km in neutral gear at speeds of 60-70 Kmph and taking those turns of Ghat, and the best part was we overtook one car in neautral gear.
Photos i will pull in soon to this post, Have to see how they have come.
Overall 188Km of Biking in one day... was really fun....

Firefox 3 vs Opera 9.52

Browser Wars are here with me also, Firefox 3.0.1 vs Opera 9.52 are the two sides fighting.
Let me tell something about each side.

Firefox 3.0.1: My favorite browser till yesterday. Liked the Simple looks of the browser, No non sense style and most of the web pages compatible with the browser. Also the plug-in's available for the Browser make your life a Lot easier.

Opera 9.52: Downloaded it yesterday and it has created a very strong first impression on me, This Opera browser has a lot of difference from the previous Opera 8 Browser i used, There was a lot of non sense in the Opera 8, But this Opera 9.52 is just like ready to attack the web.I Like the new Interface, it's stylish and simple. And most of them all the most liked featur0e in Opera 9.52 is The Download manager, It's just awesome i can say.(Ya the Imageshack Post)

So the Browser wars have happened with me previously also, But the winner was Firefox, Let me see Which one wins this time, Will i switch to Opera or Sti…

Torrents via HTTP :)

After many days felt like putting some geek stuff at Orkut, Then just thought my blog also needs something like this, so posting it here also... (Copy Paste with a little edit)

Sometimes you have bandwidth and you have time for your torrent downloads, But what if you have bandwidth and No time/ (or may be No Power) Like me what you gonna do...???

Here is a Rescue.

Hope you know a popular photo hosting site...

It offers a space of 5GB and 10Gb bandwidth per month for torrents, (You didn't knew that.... ??

So all you have to do is Register at then download the .torrent file of the torrent you want to download and attach it at Imageshack, the Start it, The Torrent will be downloaded to the Imageshack server, After completion you can download your downloaded torrent file via a HTTP link.

10GB bandwidth may be small, But it helps a lot when it comes to torrents which has low seeders, as Imageshack will download it whole day where as you can keep your…


61 years of Independence....?
Waste... We would have been better under British rather than these sucker politicians...
Never thing i am against the Independence, but for the timing it seems useless... I seriously respect the ones who tried to free our country. But they just couldn't free it from our people itself. The rules are dead these days, Money is speaking the rules, there are no people who can be trusted, Police is just a weapon which is under the Politicians belt.
People don't wanna speak out, They don't want to change themselves. Roads which get tarred month before rain get Potholes just after 1 rain. Where is the quality gone...??
Feel mad... Wanna write so much but feels waste... All Waste... :(