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Why do they put LED on the Power Button??

So my UPS has a power button, which has a white LED indicating it's ON...!! Nice feature ain't it? Similarly my PC has a White LED on Power Button..! Looks pretty cool.

But have you ever thought about Kids + LED's on power button :)

Imagine your curious kid amazed by the glowing white light comes and tries to explore the button more, You suddenly realize that LED's on the power button creates more troubles for you :)

So that Mosquito Repellent Liquid and it's LED is a worry now, For that matter anything which comes with a LED worry's you.

So your washing machine has a child lock feature, So your kid can't change any settings. Turn on the Child lock and Yes There it is another LED turned on telling you Child lock is ON and the color is RED..! Kids are just fascinated by RED...!! Now he goes and presses a button and that red LED Blinks..!!?? Telling kid that child lock is on?? For a kid it's amazing...!! He presses the button again to see the LED blink...…