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Nidagal Trek

After a long time a trek....!!

This time it was in Pavagada district.

Place is ~200KM from Bangalore 3-4 hours drive.
Road via Dabaspet is in a better shape is what I felt (Took this route while coming back).
But  If you live in North Bangalore take the Hyderabad highway and take left towards Pavagada from Penakonda.

It is a Moderately difficult trek. Carry Water and plenty of snacks. Took us 3 hours to reach the top with lot of breaks.
Wear shoes (Mistake I did as I was wearing 80% covered Woodlands sandals, Things can enter inside from the rest 20% uncovered part).

Park your vehicles at bottom of hill and start climbing which looks like a simple climb. (It is NOT)

Here is what it looks like from the bottom.

You can see layer of mountains at a distance when you climb up.

A panorama from the top. (There are 2 cars in this picture and you can't see them because they are so far away.)
At the Top there is a Nandi Temple.

Joy of reaching top...!!

Special Thanks to Sandesh Mavinakul…