JP Nagar to Kalyan Nagar in 1 Hour?

If you live in Bangalore and If I said I did it between 5PM to 6 PM on a working weekday you will seriously laugh at me. Bangalore's road's are not kind on anyone.

Yeah, The distance with straight roads is just 20KM. But time to cover the distance varies based on time. At 10 PM it shows 50 mins and at 12 PM it shows 1 hour 15 mins.

So to pick my vehicle from Service I had to head to Kalyan Nagar, The centre closes at 6:30. Reaching on time was important.

I checked google maps before I headed to Kalyan Nagar, 1 Hour 40 mins is what it read. Now if you wonder I cut the 40 mins by my/taxi drivers amazing driving, The answer is NO.

This amazing feat was possible because of NAMMA METRO.
JP Nagar to Majestic : 20 mins
Majestic to Bayappanahalli: 20 mins
Auto for next 9 Km's: 20 mins (Thanks to the ORR which just misses the KR Puram/Tin Factory junction.)

This efficient use of public transport made me write this post. Hope the metro construction progresses at a faster pace.

How much Time it took me to get back from Kalyan Nagar to JP nagar in my serviced Vehicle?
1 Hour 40 Mins. :(


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