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Something Different... The Life..!!

Yeah, You learn, You bang your head against the wall, your parents spend their hard earned money on your education. Then you go out searching, searching for that ultimate place where you dream of showing the world that how well you have studied, how much your knowledge is and etc etc. The goal? Earn more money than you spend and be happy [Your Ambition].

Then you get your job, You work hard to fulfill Your Ambition. You miss out and fail multiple times, but you read the words from some successful person and start working harder as they did. After all that hard work, you miss and fail again. Now you loose confidence in yourself. You start blaming people around you telling that they are screwing you [Well they always do]. You want a change, you change your job, You start at square one again, You work hard and then harder. You miss it again... There is something wrong...! Something wrong with this world... Why all in earth it is you who is suffering so badly? Damn.. Now you Lose your Amb…