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Pole Shifting, Planet X and Super Volcanoes

Pole Shifting
The pole shifting is a phenomenon when the earth switches it's poles, So North pole becomes South and South pole becomes North(Well it's much complicated than that actually).
But as like everyone is saying this pole shift will not occur overnight or in matter of days or months.. It will take a Freaking 1 million years for a pole shift to start and complete.
So, there is no need to worry about the end of world so soon with a Pole Shift.

Planet X or Nibiru
According to Somalians there exists a planet Niribu which circles the sun every 3600 years and when it comes there come the tough times on earth.
This is not happening because, If that Planet X is coming towards Sun/Earth, then it should be visible by now. And for people who say the planet Hides behind the Sun, Get out of childish theories.

But there is One event which can actually make the world to come to a stand still, and they are calledSuper Volcanoes

Super Volcanoes
There are a few Super Volcanoes which are sleepin…

Something Changed???

Yes, Template change is here...
Had a feeling from many days that my old template needed a change. So here is one simple template change. I just hope that this template looks better than previous one. Will fine tune the new template in coming days.

Let me know how did you like the New Template.

iPod Nano at 4800 Rs..??

Just found this on Apple Site... :) Wish it is True.... :) I want one more... :P

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Galactic Alignment = End of World??

So now lets look into another prophecy/event which is set to occur on the same Date as Maya calendar ends, Yes the date again is 21 Dec 2012....!!!

2. Galactic Alignment.
On 21 Dec 2012 the Sun, Earth and the center of the galaxy are aligned in one straight line. This is a phenomenon which occurs every 26000 years. So what this alignment can do??
According to me, it should be a normal cosmological event. As far as every scientist out there knows, there is no invisible energy coming from the center of the galaxy (or the black hole at center of galaxy) which we need for our survival. So the alignment should not lead to the end of world, isn't that simple. And for those who are still scared about it, The galactic Alignment has already started in year 1998 and will be at the center stage on 21 Dec 2012, so if we have survived till today then we should be able to make through the 21 Dec 2012.

But there are still doubts about the same. How does the Maya calender end date and the date of Ali…

End of the world in 2012 ??

Will the world end on 21st December 2012...?? This is the question everyone is asking these days. Will be the date 21st December 2012 end of world??

Lets see some of the prophecies which support the End of the world in 2012 theories.

1. The Mayan Calender
The ancient Maya had a very accurate sense for Time, Their calendar was more accurate than our present calendar and were called the best astronomers for their time. They studied the movement of Stars, Planets and Sun to highest accuracy and developed their calendar.
The Calendar of MAYA Completes it's 13th cycle on the 21st December 2012. And people are calling it Dooms Day...
Actually we should Celebrate the Mayan New year on that day. Not the Dooms Day.

So because Mayan Calendar end World Will End??

leave your comments... :)

More prophecies in next posts....

100th Post.....

I was thinking about writing a special post for my 100th blog post. Then the idea seemed to have gone flop as i never got any idea to make the 100th post better.

So Here it is... :)

100th Post of Short Circuit Engineer.... :)

**(OK, Now no need to think about 100th post, can murmur anything from now)**

Facebook is going the Twitter WAY??

Well, I still like the way OLD Facebook was. The new Facebook looks a bit odd. The feed showing updates from friends was much clear earlier. So it was easy to look into all of my friends latest events/quizes/Posts.
Now a days Facebook team looks as if they are inspired by the Twitter and are trying to make Facebook that way. Wherever you compare Facebook is trying to become a Micro-blogging site... Becoming Twitter??
Well, I Jumped from Orkut to Facebook because it was neat, clean and also was fun to be reading all the updates made by friends. Now i kind of feel confused/conjested being on Facebook after the new update. It's not that much fun with Facebook now as much it was earlier.
Well, with the news of Orkut getting a new look it might be time to look back at the Orkut again. If Facebook continues to copy innovation from Twitter then may be time to move to Other social networking sites...
Social networks are Fun aren't they.....??