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Telangana to Become State..!!

The central government is thinking about (or already decide on) splitting Andra and making 2 states out of it. Yes the state will be called Telangana.
It's always better to have small states as the administration will be easier, But I smell a lot of political drama in this state split.

On the Funny Side:
Solution to this state conflict in AP is to make 3 states Telangana, RayalSeema, Andhra and call them U.S.A.p (United States of Andra Pradesh)

Now as the Andra is getting split, The thought running inside my mind is about splitting the Karnataka too... We too want to have a State, Tulunaadu State... Bring together Udupi and Mangalore and make a State... Doesn't that sound Good...
At least then, I hope we can expect a better road, better Power service.
But the question now is who will go on Hunger Strike....

Google Wave Invitees

I have a 6 Google wave invitees to give away, So anyone like to have one then leave your E-Mail ID as a comment to this post. I will send you the invitation at the earliest.

Leave the E-Mail id in following format.

Please note that the invitee takes time to process, So be ready to wait for a day or two... :)