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For those with some Dumb questions and Theories..!!

I encounter numerous people with their own set of problems and Reasons.
Here are few of the Most Irritating and Noob questions I have encountered. I am tired of explaining them the actual reason…! So taking my frustration out here….!!

1. For those with issues with their Broadband Connection and speed:
I am tired of Hearing about 100 Mbps Broadband connection and Your Download speeds of 10 kBps, 35 kBps and 60 kBps and so on… 100Mbps is your local network connection speed not the Broadband Speed…! Yeah LAN Speed…!!

To the Guys with a 256 kbps Broadband and getting 32 kBps download speed, guys there is nothing wrong with your internet Connection… There is a Difference between Bits and Bytes which you need to understand.
kbps = k bits per sec
kBps= k bytes per second.
Also 1 byte = 8 bits
so Broadband speed in kBps = 256kBps/8 = 32 kBps
yeah… there is nothing wrong with your connection…!! (I have just proved it above, still if you have doubt why I have divided by 8, Then you are free to …