Jun 30, 2010

My Analogy why Nokia is Going Down Slowly

These things randomly flashed into my mind sometimes, So here is it…

My Analogy why Nokia is Going Down Slowly.

1. They Don't have a Cool OS Now.
I remember those days when the Symbian OS was the coolest mobile OS around. All the people would love to have a device with Symbian OS. There were games and there were applications, everyone wanted Symbian device like crazy. Then Nokia fell asleep as no one was there to beat them. Because Nokia was happy with the way Symbian OS worked for them so no one remembered to update it (I mean a Major overhaul).
Then suddenly there came iPhone, there Came Android, There were BB's roaming all around (Palm anyone?). Suddenly Nokia woke up and purchased Symbian. Then Started to catch up. But others were far ahead and Nokia was too far behind. The Symbian should have got an update long back, the Poor OS Could not catch up with the rest. The new version is coming as per Nokia, But when? after others win the Race?
Problem with Symbian is that Even with all those updates and tweaks to make it friendly, It is still as complicated as it was when Launched.
(Now the latest news is that they will go ahead with MeeGo OS, Sounds interesting… But still, when will we have a device with MeeGo?)

2. Nokia Designers have lost their Common sense.
It seems the designers at Nokia have Lost their common sense. They now don't remember(or may be even entirely forgot) how a phone should Look. They are trying random things, hoping some design will be a hit and they can come up with a winner.
Just have a look at N-Series They are supposed to be coolest Nokia phones around(well back then they were coolest). But the later version which were supposed to be competing against cool devices from other manufacturers are Bulky and Fat. They may have endless features but, But whats the use of all those cool features when your Phone looks like a Brick !!!

3. Usability issues.
a. The usability is the most forgotten factor now a days in Nokia phones. They have a Whacky Keypad. Either the keys are too small or a Single key and 3 numbers. (Anyone tried Typing in Nokia 7210 Supernova?)
In My honest opinion, after they designing the keypad they should try typing a 20 Digit number at least  100 Times . If they get it right 90-99 times then that keypad is a good design.
Nokia seriously needs to go back to the basics here. Remember the 3310 or 1100? They had awesome Keypads. For all messaging junkies those two phones were the messaging kings(with T9 dictionary.)
b. Try messaging in Nokia's 40 series phones. They have good keypads, they have large enough displays. So where the problem is? Try sending a Message. You will have to field which extends to infinity, Gobbles up half of the display…!! Why Nokia can't keep it simple like it was earlier models? You type in a message then you select whom you want to send and then fire that send button ! You may think i am resisting a change, But the truth is I am resisting a change which is not an improvement rather a step in opposite direction.

4. Ovi Store.
Indeed, This was a Great Addition to the Nokia's arsenal. But the problem with Ovi store is that, Its a little complicated. It's becoming more simplified day by day but we need something Good and usable fast. Also if you see there is too little advertisement regarding the Ovi store. If Nokia wants to promote something then they have to advertise well.

5. Screwed up Product releases.
How many of you have waited to get that dream phone Nokia announced 6 months back…
Nokia will announce a Phone in Jan and then they will tell that availability is in Dec. Now who is going to wait a whole year to purchase a phone ? In some countries release may happen even after a Year after announcement..

6. Meaningless Advertisements.
90% of the time you see a Nokia advertisement you can't get the meaning. They will show off some feature which is not all used by people Or pull those green blue stripes from anywhere and tell It's Nokia ! Damn, Wake up Nokia, Make that advertisement and Marketing team work for what they are getting paid !

That was a lengthy post. After reading all this if you think that I hate Nokia, I don't hate Nokia. Let me justify that by telling I own a Nokia E71 and I am happy with it.

What is your say on the same? Comment's are open.

Jun 28, 2010


Let's make this review a Little different....

Scenario: I had a slight headache, But the Tickets were already booked and I decided to watch Ravan.

Result: I come out from theater my headache amplified 100 times !!

That is the Review about movie.. So please stay away from watching Ravan.(Watch only if you have a Aspirin or Disprin in your pocket)

Even after that quick and unto point review, you want to know more, go on.

Acting: Only Abhishek Bacchan is Watchable, all others are either overacting or Sleeping.

Story: I am still not able to figure out the story. Is it Modern Ramayana, Is it addressing Naxal Problems or is trying to show Police brutality. WTH...

Special Mention to Special Effects: I could not control my laugh when everyone was jumping and falling from the cliffs. Even in Kids Movies People and objects fall down faster that extra slow motion the added in there looked very low quality and cheap. All the laws of Physics were Rewritten in Tollywood Style…

Rating: Zero out of Five…!! It's Not a Movie, It's a Documentary…!!