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2 Awesome Services You Need to Try : SkyDrive and Snapfish

These are the two services you need to try.

Microsoft SkyDrive: Well, It offers you 25GB of free storage Online. So all of you Digital Camera pictures which are living at the mercy of your HDD can be backed up in someplace. Also it's easier to share them too. The client is based on WEB with HTML 5 Support offering file Drag and Drop support.

Snapfish: Everyday You click those pictures with that DSLR/Point and shoot digital camera. Earlier there were film roles which you needed to develop to get your picture. Now Connect to the computer and see the pictures. Is't it getting too boring? Well with Snapfish you can print your pictures and that too at a minimal cost. 3.95 Rs for a 4x6 Photo. Isn't that awesome? and there are a many options available for what size you can actually print, and what all things you want to print your photos on.

Try them... :)